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What if I don't have any business card ? Do I still can register for the fair ? Featured

The business card is really really important to visit Canto fair.

First, you need it to register and get the badge.

Second, if you need some product catalog, they will ask for a business card. In some extreme situation, you cannot even enter a booth without giving your business card to the vendor first.

Business card essential thing to do business in China. Politely, everyone will also prepare a beautiful little box to receive the business card, instead of putting it directly into the bag or pocket.

If you don't have any business card yet, I suggest you make a lot of it now before you come to Canton fair, 3 boxes (1500pcs)at least

You can make your business online very easy(search google). If you forget to bring your business card, outside the Canton fair, many people can help you make. In 1 hour you can get them.

on Saturday October 13
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