The Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou, China.  A Spring session and an Autumn session. Each session is divided into three phases, each with different products on display.

  • Phase 1
    Hostehold Electrical Appliances, Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Electronic and Electrical Products, Lighting Equipment, New Energy Resources, New Materials and Chemical Products, Hardware, Tools, Machining Machinery and Equipment, Power and Electrical Equipment, General Machinery and Mechanical Parts, Industrial Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, New Energy Vehicles and Smart Mobility, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Vechicle Spare Parts, Vehicles.
  • Phase 2
    Building and Decoration Materials, Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment, Furniture, Kitchen and Tableware, Daily-use Ceramics, Household Items, Clocks, Watches and Optical Instrument, Gifts and Premiums, Festival Products, Home Decorations, Art Ceramics, Glass Artware, Gardening Products,  Woven, Rattan and Iron Products, Iron and Stone Decorations and Outdoor Spa Facilities.
  • Phase 3
    Personal Care Appliances, Bathroom Products, Medicines, Health Products and Medical Devices, Pet Products, Maternity and Baby Products, Toys, Children's Clothing, Men's and Women's Clothing, Sportswear and Casual Wear, Underwear, Fur, Leather, Down and Related, Products, Clothing Accessories and Fittings, Home Textiles, Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics, Carpets and Tapestries, Shoes, Office Supplies, Bags and Suitcases, Sports and Tourism Leisure Products, Food,Rural Revitalization.

The Canton Fair is typically held on specific days each year:




Spring Session

Phase 1

Apr. 15-19

Phase 2

Apr. 23-27

Phase 3

May 01-05

Autumn Session

Phase 1

Oct. 15-19

Phase 2

Oct. 23-27

Phase 3

Oct. 31 - Nov. 04

(Saturday and Sunday are held as usual)