The 133rd Canton Fair is scheduled to open on April 15, 2023, If the offline show is not held, it will be tentatively scheduled for 10 days, from April 15-24.

The information below is for the regular physical fair of Canton Fair,

Canton Fair has a Spring session and Autumn session - two sessions each year. While each session has 3 phases that show different products.  

  • Phase 1 shows electrical and electronic products, building materials, industrial products, etc.
  • Phase 2 shows products as household items, ceramics, consumer goods, home decorations, gifts, toys, cosmetics, and furniture, etc.
  • Phase 3 shows clothing, footwear, bags, and food, medicine, etc.

The Canton Fair is usually held on specific days each year:




Spring Session

Phase 1

Apr. 15-19

Phase 2

Apr. 23-27

Phase 3

May 01-05

Autumn Session

Phase 1

Oct. 15-19

Phase 2

Oct. 23-27

Phase 3

Oct. 31 - Nov. 04

(Saturday and Sunday are held as usual)