Agricultural Fair St. Michael 2024

Agricultural Fair St. Michael Lleida 2024
From September 26, 2024 until September 29, 2024
Lleida - Fira de Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Fira Agrària de Sant Miquel

The Sant Miquel Fair is a special guest at the Molins de Rei Candle Fair. Ice, bad curds, and spring frosts are the risks that will cause the most damage to fruit production in 2023. Albert Soler Special Offer.

Fira de Lleida, the largest agricultural fair in Catalonia and most emblematic of the country, will have a booth at the Baix Llobregat Fair to promote Eurofruit, the BIT congress, and the Sant Miquel Fair. The Sant Miquel Fair has been invited to participate in the 173rd Fira de la Candelera ,...

The year 2022 is labelled as the worst in agricultural insurance history, with 769 millions of euros of indemnities, a record amount. It was frost that caused the most damage, specifically the event in the first week of March, which affected the fruit growers.

DUC101SF Battery-powered compact pruning saw. 18V * 8 m/s 10 cm / 4.'' / 1.66 / 2.10 Kg Includes 1 18V battery and charger. Equipped with 10cm guide and tool-free adjustment. Price: EUR243 plus VAT. Visit our stand or albertsoler.com for more information.

Vidra Foc, founded in 1968, is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of standard and special pieces scientific glass as well as volumetric materials. Vidra Foc, on the other hand, is specialized in global supplies of laboratory materials. Vidra Foc, the most advanced factory in Spain for its industry, is the...

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Lleida - Fira de Lleida, Catalonia, Spain Lleida - Fira de Lleida, Catalonia, Spain


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مومن فاتح
طلب دعوة لزيارة المعرض
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اتمنى ان تجدكم رسالتي هذه وانت بخير .
اسمي فاتح مومن اعمل مستثمر فلاحي في ملكيتي الخاصة وهي عبارة عن مزرعة لزراعة الحبوب وتربية المواشي. اتواصل معك من اجل طلب دعوة لحضور المعرض الزراعي سانت مايكل بتاريخ 26,29سبتمبر 2024.
بحكم انني شخص مهتم بالمجال الزراعي وشغوف للاطلاع على كل جديد يفيد مجال عملي فإن هذا المعرض الضخم يعتبر فرصة سانحة لي حتى اكتسب خبرات اكثر والتطلع على التقنيات الجديدة والتعرف على محترفين جدد في هاذا المجال .
انا على يقين تام ان حضوري لهذا المعرض سيساهم في اجتهادي و احترافيتي المهنية
وكذلك على الشركات المحتملة في هذا المجال.
انا متحمس للحظور والمشاركة في هذا المعرض.
شكرا سيدي
Mohamed rehan
Request an invitation to visit the exhibition
Dear Sirs,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Dr. Mohamed Mansour Abd ElHamid Mohamed and I work in the field Of Technical support head at Cairo poultry Group.I am reaching out to request an invitation to attend Exhibition Dat 26--29/9/2024
As someone deeply passionate about my work and committed to staying updated on the latest industry developments, I believe that Exhibition presents an excellent opportunity for me to gain valuable insights, discover new products and technologies, and network with other professionals in the field.

I am confident that my attendance at the exhibition will not only contribute to my professional growth but also allow me to explore potential collaborations and partnerships within the industry. I am eager to participate in the di

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