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Asia-Pacific Industrial, Powder Paint & Coatings Exhibition and Summit 2022

From May 19, 2022 until May 21, 2022

With the gradual expansion of the application scope of powder coatings, how to break the limit of low-temperature curing?UV curing, infrared curing technology on how to further improve? How to improve the adhesion and weather resistance of powder series of problems need to be solved. This exhibition and BBS will be invited to Akzo Nobel, tiger, DuPont, Henkel, Kamini's, golden horse, Wagner, five source group, gree, Huawei, famous enterprises, such as furniture, the powder coatings manufacturers suppliers, pretreatment, spraying system and the user enterprise gathering together, discusses the application of powder paint coating series problems and product solutions, and the most advanced technology and equipment exhibition. We invite customers of architectural aluminum profile, automobile and spare parts, household appliances, IT, sheet metal, lighting, elevator, and other powder coatings to participate in BBS and exhibition. Exhibition held  China international surface engineering BBS (Chongqing), China (Chongqing) automotive surface engineering and anti-corrosion technology seminar, the Asia-pacific international powder paint coating application technology peak BBS, surface treatment of new product new technology promotes, the fifth each surface engineering technology exchange meeting, surface treatment of southwestern China market visit activities, etc. Upstream and downstream enterprises will gather together to build a comprehensive industrial chain of Asia-pacific powder coatings and coatings.

I. special topic of powder coating:
  • Powder coating: thermosetting powder coating, thermoplastic powder coating, mixed powder coating, ultra-fine powder coating, UV curing powder coating
  • Powder coating equipment: powder coating equipment and auxiliary equipment, coating engineering design, coating production line, low-temperature curing, UV curing, coating processing technology
  • Pretreatment equipment and materials: pretreatment equipment, pretreatment agent, etc
  • Raw materials, auxiliaries, and equipment for powder coatings: special resins, pigments, fillers, special auxiliaries, plasticizers and stabilizers for powder coatings
  • Powder coating production equipment and supporting equipment: powder coating production line, production equipment, and accessories Testing equipment and environmental protection equipment


Ii. Industrial coatings:
  • Waterborne industrial coatings: waterborne automobile coatings, waterborne railway vehicle coatings, waterborne heavy anticorrosive coatings, waterborne container coatings, waterborne wood coatings, etc.
  • Automotive coatings: primers, medium primers (two primers), topcoats, finishes, rust-resistant coatings, corrosion-resistant coatings, conductive coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings, heat insulation coatings, etc.
  • Fluorocarbon coatings: fluorocarbon resin coatings, polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon coatings, PTFE fluorocarbon coatings, and fluorocarbon coatings production equipment and raw materials.
  • Powder coating: thermosetting powder coating, thermoplastic powder coating, mixed powder coating, ultra-fine powder coating, UV curing powder coating.
  • Functional coatings: corrosion-resistant coatings, high-temperature resistant coatings, fire retardant coatings, heat insulation coatings, thermal insulation coatings, thermal insulation coatings, electromagnetic shielding coatings, radiation protection coatings, anti-static coatings, conductive coatings.
  • Floor coating: floor coating (thin coating), anti-static floor coating, self-leveling floor coating, anti-corrosion floor coating, water-borne floor coating, anti-skid floor coating, heavy-duty floor coating.
  • Painting industry: automatic painting system, painting robot, painting auxiliary equipment, painting engineering design, painting production line, painting processing technology, etc.
  • Other: raw materials, production equipment, testing equipment, VOCs treatment technology and equipment, coating wastewater treatment equipment, etc.


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