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Guangzhou (China)International Coatings Printing lnks & Adhesives Exhibition 2022

From May 19, 2022 until May 21, 2022

Guangzhou (China)International Coatings Printing lnks & Adhesives Exhibition


COAST EXPO has been held for Many sessions in Guangzhou, which has been recognized as an important platform for industry exchange, procurement, and business development, as well as the only industry event certified by the international association of exhibition industry (UFI).In 2017, the 12th guangzhou international paint exhibition was successfully held in the poly world trade exhibition hall in guangzhou, attracting a total of 19,582 domestic visitors and 410 domestic and foreign exhibitors to participate in the three-day exhibition. Modest chemical, optimization of resin, sanhe synthesis, south Queensland AU, chemical industry association, the interpretation of chemical production, large and medium-sized machinery, Koh larn ling machinery, Taiwan adhesive enterprise, meter, nanotechnology, resin guild pavilion, fun letter industry, rich Lin Take, chemical industry, hundred million Gao Huaxue starting point, blue, and invested industry, SAN bao, in the source international, Macao source make nano, baoguang lingo control, lian yi mechanical and electrical industry, many well-known brands and industry rookie all appearance, favored by the industry attaches great importance to and evaluation.
The 13th coatings expo in 2019, organizers will continue to depth of integrated resources at home and abroad, based on the global certification of UFI exhibition operation mode, take the BBS, academic exchange with the industry, product type, exhibition, trade negotiation, purchasing, and other forms of combining the, for quality between suppliers and end users to build a more professional communication platform.

Product Categories
  • Chemicals and raw materials;
  • Production and packaging equipment;
  • Detection instruments;
  • Safety and environmental protection equipment and other services;
  • Radiation curing raw materials, formula products, light sources, and equipment;
  • All kinds of coating, industrial coating, oil ink, and adhesive products.

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