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From May 19, 2022 until May 21, 2022

SF EXPO has been held in Guangzhou for several sessions. It has been held alternately in Guangzhou and Chongqing every year since 2014. It is the most professional and fastest-growing professional surface treatment exhibition in China. The exhibition passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Industry Association in 2012 and passed the annual The organization’s rigorous review is considered to have reached a certain international level in terms of the proportion and professionalism of international exhibitors and foreign visitors.

Electroplating industry: electroplating equipment and auxiliary equipment, electroplating raw materials, electroplating additives, electroplating processing technology, testing equipment, etc.

Coating industry: coating equipment and auxiliary equipment, coating engineering design, coating production line, coating processing technology.

Mechanical surface treatment (pre-treatment): surface treatment equipment and surface treatment agents such as blasting (shot) blasting, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing and grinding.

Vacuum coating: vacuum coating equipment and accessories, vacuum coating technology, target materials and other consumable materials, testing instruments, etc.

Surface treatment and intelligent manufacturing: spraying robots, surface treatment-oriented industrial control systems, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, industrial communications, industrial 4.0 smart factory overall solutions.

Industrial coatings: powder coatings, automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, UV coatings, floor coatings, UV curing technology, infrared curing technology, etc.

Environmental protection and safety: wastewater treatment technology and equipment, VOCs treatment technology and equipment, hazardous chemical recovery and treatment, safe production and protective equipment and supporting facilities.

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