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Animal Health and Feed

From June 22, 2020 09:30 until June 24, 2020 18:00

Animal Health and Feed

Animal Health & Feed

In order to boost the development of the whole chain of the veterinary drug industry and meet the great demand of veterinary drug market, the upgraded ‘Animal Health and Feed Zone’ will be held co-located with CPhI China in Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre Hall E7.

The global veterinary drug market is growing

With the development of global veterinary drug market, the Institute of Prospective Industries estimates that the global veterinary drug market will grow at an average annual rate of about 7.3% between 2017 and 2022, and will reach 537.2 billion yuan by 2022. This means that China's veterinary drug enterprises are facing huge challenges as well as opportunities in the global industrial chain layout and value chain expansion. 

The upgrade to host Animal Health and Feed Zone has attracted a larger number of veterinary drug feed-related enterprises than before. Decision-makers of breeding livestock, feed, and veterinary medicine enterprises, animal husbandry experts and scholars will gather here to analyze the industry policy, to interpret the guidelines, and to explore the domestic and foreign market trends of veterinary drugs and feed.


Why choose Animal Health & Feed Zone?

• Strong CPhI brand appeal, tens of thousands of global buyers, helping enterprises to enter the international market.

•  The exhibition engages with the entire pharmaceutical industry chain, not only to obtain business opportunities in the API and preparation industries but also to face-to-face connect with decision makers in veterinary medicine, breeding livestock and feed enterprises.

Animal Health Zone
•  The conference covers the latest domestic and international hot spots, industry policies and technical essentials, and facilitates interactions with animal husbandry experts and scholars on industry trends.

•  The organizers partner with global professional media to create super popularity in the special area, and synchronized with more than 20 professional media online and offline on animal husbandry, feed, animal health, and veterinary drug to open up brand promotion channels for exhibitors.


Product Categories:
  • Feed raw materials and additives
  • Veterinary biological
  • Veterinary diagnostic reagent
  • Veterinary API
  • Veterinary preparation
  • Animal health product

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