Lee China(International Enzyme Industry Expo and The Enzyme Festival) 2022

Lee China(International Enzyme Industry Expo and The Enzyme Festival)
From August 11, 2022 until August 13, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association hosts Shanghai International Enzyme Industry Expo & China Enzyme Festival. It is organized by Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co. Ltd., China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association Enzyme Branch and China Bio-Fermentation Industry Association Probiotic Products Branch.

The exhibition will feature 450 companies from the same industry, and will cover 20,000 square metres. More than 60,000. Professional buyers are expected to interact in order to build a whole industry of nutrition and healthcare. This industry includes: food, nutrition, and health products.

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At present, LEE CHINA has become the most influential, large-scale, professional and powerful industry event in the Asian enzyme industry. The Shanghai enzyme expo and the China enzyme festival are hosted by China biological fermentation industry association and hosted by Shanghai Xinshi exhibition service co., LTD., and held in Shanghai new international expo center. At the same time, this year's yeast expo will hold "Shanghai international exhibition of probiotics", "Shanghai fruit and vegetable processing exhibition", "fruit and wine industry exhibition" four characteristic theme exhibition linkage;There were more than 20 theme activities in various forms, such as enzyme festival, theme summit salon, tasting meeting, skill contest, technical exchange meeting, industry matchmaking meeting and business negotiation, which enriched the forms and raised the level. Nearly 1000 brand enterprises interact and share with 60,000 professional audiences. As enzyme industry bellwether, yeast exposition will always follow the market development, promote the establishment of industry order, comprehensive display enzyme industry innovation and industry applications, including, enzyme industry of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, drinks, enzyme ingot, enzyme and enzyme lozenges cosmetics, daily necessities of enzyme, enzyme and enzyme food, environmental protection enzyme, enzyme micro-electrical contractor, enzymes and other new products of agricultural products. It has built a one-stop service platform for enzyme industry, including trade exhibition, learning exchange, technical consultation, business cooperation, industrial communication, and improvement of enterprise brand and product brand.

You can not miss the industry event!

1. Clear planning of exhibition area: seven exhibition areas are set up to clearly distinguish the target market of users: enzyme products and raw materials, enzyme health food, enzyme daily chemical products, enzyme other products, enzyme packaging equipment, enzyme OEM, enzyme production equipment.

2. A large number of business opportunities: more than 20,000 elites from food, health care products, medicine, health industry, beauty, health care, and other application industries gathered together. More than 20 international delegations from Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and other countries came to exchange ideas.

3. Technology BBS: more than 15 sessions of technology BBS will be held on-site, spanning more than 20 application industries, and face-to-face communication with more than 2,000 industry experts. For exhibitors, visitors, media to provide a neutral, open, free exchange platform.

4. Business matching: according to your target user industry, the organizer will specially invite potential buyers to the site to communicate with you face to face and negotiate the purchase.

Product Categories:
  • Enzyme products and raw materials exhibition area:
    Enzyme powder, enzyme paste, enzyme ingot, enzyme stock solution, a natural enzyme, noni enzyme, fruit enzyme, complex enzyme, various vegetables and fruits raw materials, health care raw materials, clinical nutritional function raw materials, medicine, and food homology affect raw materials, etc.
  • Enzyme series health food exhibition area:
    Enzyme drinks, enzyme drinks, enzyme maintenance products, enzyme health products, enzyme health products, etc.
  • Enzyme daily chemical products exhibition area:
    Enzyme cosmetics, enzyme skincare products, enzyme soap, enzyme mask, and other daily care products, enzyme OEM, enzyme ODM, etc
  • Enzyme products exhibition area:
    Pet enzyme food, enzyme feed, enzyme fertilizer, environmental enzymes, etc.
  • Enzyme packaging exhibition area:
    Packaging machinery, packaging design, filling equipment, sealing machinery, sealing machinery, packaging machinery, packaging machinery, packaging machinery, packaging machinery, labeling machinery, vacuum packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, filling and packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, strapping and baling machine;Film, aluminum foil class, foam plastic film, tape, adhesive, packaging tape.
  • Enzyme production equipment exhibition area:
    Enzyme production equipment, fermenter, saccharification equipment, evaporation equipment, crystallization equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment, heat exchange equipment, stirring equipment, sanitary grade fluid equipment, fluid stainless steel pipe, purification distillation equipment, homogenizing machinery, and other production equipment;
  • The exhibition area of probiotics:
    Probiotics, prebiotics, probiotics, lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, probiotics health products


It is the most influential, largest and professional enzyme industry event in Asia. 

Over 600 brand enterprises and 40 000 professional visitors are expected to join the fair. The fair develops in an orderly manner, following the development of the market, covering the entire industrial chain, professionally displaying all aspects of the enzyme industry and technical equipment and creating a one-stop service platform for the enzyme industry. In order to make full use of this platform, upstream and downstream enterprises will showcase new products, new technologies, and new equipment.


LEE China by the numbers:
  • 40 000 professional visitors
  • 360 exhibitors
  • 20 000 square meters of exhibition area
Key products to be presented:
  • Enzyme products and raw materials
  • Enzyme series health food
  • Enzyme daily chemical products
  • Enzyme other products: pet enzyme food, enzyme feed, enzyme fertilizer, environmental enzymes
  • Enzyme packaging
  • Enzyme production equipment
  • Others: enzyme brand planning, related research units
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Shanghai - Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC), China


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