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Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan, China

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\"Chinese Taipei,\" is the term used by various international organizations and tournaments to refer to groups representing the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.

The People's Republic of China (PRC) made Taiwan a non-UN Member after its expulsion in 1971. There was ongoing dispute about its sovereignty. Taiwan was therefore prohibited from using any of its national symbols, such as its national name, anthem, and flag, that would represent Taiwan's statehood at international events. [1] The dissension ended in a compromise when \"Chinese Taipei\", the name given to Taiwan by the Nagoya Resolution of 1979, was proposed. This resolution allowed the ROC/Taiwan to recognize each other's right to participate in all activities of the International Olympic Committee (and its associated organizations). The official term \"Chinese Taipei\" was adopted in 1981 after the name change from Olympic Committee of ROC to Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee. This arrangement was later used as a model by the ROC/Taiwan in order to continue participation in international organizations and diplomacy affairs other than the Olympic Games.