Miami - Miami, FL, USA

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Miami - Miami, FL, USA

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Miami (/maI’aemi/), also known as the City of Miami, can be described as a coastal city in South Florida (United States). It is home to 442,241 people, the second-most populous in Florida, the eleventh-most populated city in Southeast Florida and the 44th most populous US city. The nation's eighth largest metropolitan area is located in Miami, home to 6,138,333 residents. [7] Miami has the third-largest skyline of the United States with more than 300 high-rises. [11] 58 exceed 491 feet (150 m). [12]

Miami is a major financial center and leader in commerce, finance, culture, art, and international trade. [13][14] With a GDP of $344.9 million as of 2017, the metro area is the largest urban economy of Florida. [15] The GaWC classified Miami as a Beta+ level global city in 2020. [16] Miami was ranked 7th in the United States in 2019 and 31st among global capital, information exchange and business activity. [17] A 2018 UBS study of 77 cities around the world found that Miami was the third-richest city in the world, and the second-richest U.S. in terms of purchasing power. [18] Miami is the fourth-largest city with majority-Hispanic residents in the United States. In 2020, it was home to 70.2% of the country's Hispanic population. [19]