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Cologne - Cologne, Germany

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Roman Cologne [edit]. Early modern history[edit]. From the 19th Century to World War II[edit]. Cold War era and post-war Cologne Post-reunification[edit]. Flood protection[edit]. Cologne residents with foreign citizenship[edit]. Turkish community[edit]. Political traditions and developments[edit].

Cologne (English pronunciation: /[email protected]’loUn/ [email protected]) is the largest German city. It is also the fourth-most populous and oldest city in Germany. Cologne, with a population of 3.6 million in its urban area and 1.1million residents within the city itself, is the largest city along the Rhine. It also happens to be the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region's most populous and oldest city. Cologne lies on the left bank (west) of the Rhine and is approximately 35 km (22 miles) southeast of NRW’s capital Dusseldorf. It is also 25 km (16 mi northwest) of Bonn.

The third-tallest and highest cathedral in the world, the Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom), is a landmark that has been recognized worldwide. It was built to house the Shrine of the Three Kings. Cologne's Twelve Romanesque churches are a key part of the city's architecture. Cologne is also known for its Eau de Cologne, which has been made in the city since 1709. The term \"cologne\" is now a common term.

The city is home to many higher education institutions, including the University of Cologne. This university is Europe's oldest and most important. [3] The Technical University of Cologne is Germany's largest university of applied science. There's also the German Sport University Cologne. It is home to three Max Planck science institutes, and it is a major research center for the aerospace industry. The headquarters of the German Aerospace Center (and the European Astronaut Centre) are also located here. It is home to significant automotive and chemical industries. Cologne Bonn Airport serves as a regional hub. The main airport serving the region is Dusseldorf Airport.