Mexico City - World Trade Center Mexico City, Mexico

Venue Address: Montecito 38 Naples Benito Juarez Mexico City 03810 CDMX Mexico Mexico
Official Website: http://wtcmexico.mx/
Mexico City - World Trade Center Mexico City, Mexico

WTC México – En el World Trade Center Ciudad de México, buscamos que nuestros condóminos y visitantes vivan la #ExperienciaWTC.


people circulate daily through the Plaza de las Naciones.

building in the world with the mezzanine system called TRIDILOSA.

The lots are divided to form the Colonia Nápoles.

Don Manuel Suárez y Suárez begins the construction of the Hotel de México.

Taro Okamoto creates a mural in the lobby that depicts the horrible consequences of an atomic explosion.

Don Manuel Suarez, inspired by the Olympic Games, created the Mexico 2000 Project. This magnificent work would include 10 additional spaces at the Main Tower (Mexico Hotel), a Shopping Center, and Auditoriums for fairs or conventions.

Don Manuel Suarez invites David Alfaro Siqueiros, a painter, to create a mural. The mural is called \"The March of Humanity\". It is now housed at the Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum. It is the largest mural in the entire world.

The construction of the Main Tower is finished.

The project is reconsidered and it is planned to turn the Hotel de México into an International Business Center.

The Police give a concert in the crown of the Tower.

The remodeling of the Tower begins to turn the complex into what we know today as the World Trade Center.

The WTC Mexico City, the most important Business Center of the country, will be inaugurated on November 18.

The International Exhibition and Convention Center is inaugurated.