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Hotelex Shanghai

From March 29, 2020 09:00 until April 01, 2020 17:00
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The  Shanghai international hotel and catering expo, co-sponsored by China tourism hotel association and Shanghai both international exhibition co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by the world federation of the Chinese catering industry, was successfully concluded in Shanghai new international expo center. Entering its twenty-eighth year, the expo has shown remarkable growth and progress in all aspects.

HOTELEX Shanghai is one of the largest, most influential and high-quality hotel and catering fairs in China. The exposition included a total of 22 indoor and outdoor pavilion, total exhibition area of 220000 square meters, HOTELEX Shanghai's professional edition piece respectively, including: food and beverage equipment, desktop items, coffee and tea, beverage, cooking food, baking, ice cream, wine and spirits, such as display area, brought together from mainland China, Italy, Spain, the United States, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions of the exhibitors. In this can be called the domestic hotel and restaurant industry annual procurement ceremony on the stage staged a set of competition, display, discussion and trade pairing, and other multiple wonderful dramas, for the domestic and even international hotel and restaurant industry has made an immeasurable role in promoting the rapid development.

As a bellwether for hotel catering and high-end food and beverage exhibitions, HOTELEX Shanghai has set a new record in terms of both exhibition scale and number of buyers. A total of 146,267 professional buyers, dealers, and agents from the hotel and catering industry, coffee, ice cream and baking industry, bars and clubs, supermarkets and retailers visited the exhibition, including 5,135 overseas visitors from 122 countries and regions. This year, the number of overseas visitors has doubled in Vietnam, the United States, Australia, Indonesia, and other countries and regions. The audience from southeast Asia accounts for 20.95% of the total overseas buyers. Viewers from the United States accounted for 12.46 percent of the overall overseas buyers, up nearly 3.2 times. The number of professional buyers in Australia also increased by nearly 2 times, and the growth of the audience in the above countries and regions indicates the hotel's position in the global industry. Through the analysis of the overall audience source composition, it can be seen that the proportion of the buyers of restaurants/restaurants/fast food restaurants/snack shops/takeaways and coffee/tea/baking products increased significantly, accounting for 23.76% of the total audience. At the same time, with the division of HOTELEX phase, I and phase ii, the proportion of buyers and visitors of hotels/hotels/resorts and other hotel supplies tends to be stable.

明年上海国际酒店餐饮博览会(HOTELEX Shanghai)将在上海新国际博览中心(浦东新区龙阳路2345号)举行。作为展览的唯一组织者和销售者,上海博巨国际展览有限公司将继续保持一致的专业视野和卓越的品质,同时充分依靠行业协会的背景,继续与中国旅游饭店业协会合作。

  • 餐饮设备供应
  • 冰淇淋
  • 餐具
  • 餐饮
  • 咖啡和茶
  • 葡萄酒与烈酒
  • 面包店
  • 饮料
  • 餐饮配件
  • 4,800名海外买家。
  • HOTELEX上海还举办了30多个世界知名的特别活动,包括咖啡师冠军。
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