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China Guangzhou Exhibition of Platemetal, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing and Setting Equipment 2022

From September 20, 2022 until September 22, 2022

China Guangzhou Exhibition of Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing and Setting Equipment

China Guangzhou Exhibition of Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing and Setting Equipment is going to be held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, China starting. It would be a 3 days business Trade Show organized by Julang Exhibition Company Limited focusing on the companies news, products and services of Industrial Products, Industrial Engineering, Electronics & Electrical industry.

Product Categories:

1. Steel smelting skill and technology, aluminum, copper manufacturer, stainless steel manufacturer.

2. Plate (color steel plate , galvanization plate, coat plate, sheet metal, medium thickness plate, shape sheet metal, railing-protection board, sorts of color steel tile )

3. Strip and steel band, type and H-type steel, bar and alloy steel, special steel, kinds of mold steel;

4. Wire rod, stainless steel wire rod, spring wire rod, screw wire rod, and other steel wire ;

5. Steel mesh (steel plate mesh, mesh reinforcement welding, delivery mesh, punching mesh, railing-protection mesh, and steel mesh molding equipment;

6. Board cutting equipment (crosscut, slitting machine), bending and punching equipment; plate hot rolling, cold rolling, cold bending, roll forming equipment;

7. Bar and wire rod mill, bar rolling automation measure and technology; drawing machine, wire drawbench, roller, metallurgic bearing, coupling, gearbox, and processing equipment;

8. Machinery for metal processing, testing machine for metal materials, metal circular saw machine, beveled, abrading and polishing equipment, metallurgic saw piece and sorts of the cutting tool;

9. Cooling fluid and oil for metal processing, lubricating materials, anti-rust materials, surface treatment raw material, and equipment; detector of defects, metallurgic packing machine, winding equipment, weighing apparatus, metal mark-printing machine;

10. Set of welding apparatus , welding material , testing apparatus of welding line;

11. Metallurgic automation apparatus, metallurgic transportation equipment, equipment for metal recycling.

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