China International Die Casting, Foundry & Industrial Furnace Exhibition 2022

China International Die Casting, Foundry & Industrial Furnace Exhibition
From November 27, 2022 until November 29, 2022
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

The 23rd China(Guangzhou) Int'l Die-casting,Foundry & industrial Furnace Exhibition�� Die-casting expo,Forndry Expo-foundry fair

2022China(Guangzhou)Intl Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition.


Show time: November 27-29, 2022
Move-out: 1pm,29 November,2022
Move-in: 25-26 November,2022.

Ground Floor, C Area China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.

1. A
Special promotion group working on publication information for the expo
via telphones, faxes, mobiles, email, post and industry magazines, websites
Newspaper and television. There will be more than 500,000 invitations, and 1,000,000 tickets.
Distributed directly to potential buyers in the corresponding industries (hardware).
Machinery, automobile, building materials and petroleum.
Electric power, aviation, electronic power, food and electronic steel valves, home appliances
Furniture, medical treatment, packaging and paper making are all available.

2. The
Expos have become an industry chain (the entire realm, including the raw materials)
Processing technology, equipments and products are available to make it easy for exhibitors
To acquire more buyers and business opportunities.

3. The
The information about 300,000.00 provides the guarantee that this exhibition will succeed.
Global purchaser.

1. All
kinds of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy die castings.

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China Guangzhou International Die-casting, Foundry & Industrial Furnace Exhibition

China Guangzhou International Die-casting, Foundry & Industrial Furnace Exhibition is an international trade fair and symposium for casting products and technologies. This exhibition is a communication and information platform in the industry and offers the exhibiting companies the opportunity to present to an audience of experts here. Visitors can find in-depth and comprehensive information here about the latest developments, trends, products, and services in various fields.

The China Guangzhou International Die-casting, Foundry & Industrial Furnace Exhibition takes place annually, and therefore visibly in Guangzhou.

Product Categories:
Die Casting parts:
  • 1. All kinds of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy die castings.
  • 2. Automotive die casting: actuator assembly, sprocket chamber, transmission assembly, gearbox, clutch shell, round tube, sleeve, pump body, pump casing, shunt, gearbox housing assembly, gear chamber cover, lid, transmission, brake, grain belt wheel chamber, radiator, oil bottom shell, cylinder head, cylinder, intake manifold, cover, suspension control arm, steering knuckle, gravity intake pipe, turbocharger compressor inlet pipe, outlet pipe, generator bracket, aluminum frame, air conditioning compressor, generator bracket gear cover.
  • 3. Motorcycles and electric vehicles: Die Casting curved box body, crankshaft box, clutch cover, cover, crankcase front cover, box, power transition cover, motor cover, motive parts, engine box;
  • 4. All kinds of lighting, communications, medical, garden, valves, electrical appliances, instrumentation, computer, motor pressure casting products.
castings parts:
  • 1. Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings, non-ferrous alloy castings, aluminum castings, copper castings, ductile iron castings, wear-resistant castings; (precision casting, sand casting, investment casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, special casting, etc.).
  • 2. Copper alloy automobile, motorcycle, machine tools, ships, wind power, engineering machinery, rail transportation, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, general machinery, power transmission, electronic communications, petrochemical, building hardware, pipe valve, pipe fitting, municipal engineering, city art castings and aluminum / magnesium / zinc / die casting.
  • Die casting equipment; Smelting unit; Die-casting alloys; Die casting coating; Die Casting Mold; process control and extrusion casting; casting under low pressure; Gravity metal mold casting; centrifugal casting; continuous casting; shell mold casting; lost foam casting.

  • sand preparation equipment; shakeout equipment; molding core equipment; Shot blasting equipment; metal casting equipment; Smelting and burning equipment; Investment casting equipment; conveyer (handling) equipment; detection device; Aging treatment equipment; coating equipment; core drying equipment; Special casting equipment; Foundry furnace and accessories; Burner; Refractory material; cast materials; Casting resin, Casting repair material and Equipment and other ancillary products; control equipment; measuring and test instruments
  • forging equipment; Die forging equipment; free forging equipment; rotary forming, extrusion, cutting, bending and torsion forming equipment; mechanical press; automatic forging press; hydraulic machine; automatic molding equipment; common molding equipment; forging hammer; firing machine; shearing machine; warping machine; Roll of sheet material uncoiling leveling device; riveting machine; Other forging equipment and accessories; For industrial furnace forging and energy conservation technology; Forging automation control equipment.
  • furnace for heat treatment; Auxiliary equipment and fittings for heat treatment furnace; Quenching cooling device; Ion nitriding equipment; induction heating equipment; flame fire equipment; heat treatment production line; continuous furnace mechanical device; vacuum drying oven, Vacuum controlled atmosphere heat treatment technology; thermodynamic instrument; Automatic control of heat treatment and detection device; combustion equipment; the heating material and equipment; quenching medium; heat insulating material; refractory materials.
  • Dust removal and purification system; water treatment equipment and technology; nitrogen making technology; gas separation and recycling technology.
  • Ventilating device;
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Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China


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