China Franchise Expo

China Franchise Expo
From November 26, 2021 until November 28, 2021
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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Overview of franchise exhibition - China franchise exhibition

My experience at the China Franchise Exhibition was not sufficient and I didn’t bring enough information. However, I felt the excitement of the Shanghai audience and gained a lot from my peers. The organizers were very attentive and the media tour was professional.

As one of the world's cities research institutions, Guangzhou is rated as the world's first-tier city by GaWC.Forbes has ranked it as the best business city in mainland China for five times. Guangzhou is the top three headquarters in China in terms of economic development capacity, with 27,000 foreign-funded enterprises investing in Guangzhou. Among the 288 global top 500 enterprises, 120 have their headquarters or regional headquarters in Guangzhou.

China franchise exhibition, since the first successful held in 1997, after more than 20 years of development and growth, has held dozens of exhibitions, the cumulative exhibition of more than 4000 brands, the cumulative number of professional visitors reached one million. The exhibition area of 2017 China franchise exhibition Beijing station is 23,000 square meters, with 427 participating enterprises, 528 participating brands, and about 46,000 professional visitors. In 2017, on the basis of successful exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, China franchise exhibition will continue to expand the scale and influence of the exhibition, and add China franchise exhibition Guangzhou station, Chongqing station, and Wuhan station. So far, China franchise exhibition control north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities in the country's strategic planning formally completed.

Exhibition Highlight:
1. Authoritative association hosts 5000+ brand trust

Mg plus China franchise exhibition is supported by China chain management association, the only national industry organization in the field of domestic chain management, authoritative and trustworthy, since 1999 has held 48 consecutive exhibitions for 20 years, a total of 5000+ brands to provide investment promotion, business docking services, more than 90% of enterprises are very satisfied with the results of the exhibition.

2. Diversified publicity channels to increase customer brand exposure

In addition to the exhibition and many self-media publicity channels of alliance plus and association, the exhibition also establishes friendly relations and cooperation with hundreds of professional media, and flexibly USES diversified online and offline social networking and advertising channels to publicize the exhibition and participating brands, so as to increase the exposure of the brand and obtain high return exhibition effect.

3. Exhibitors' intention to join the investment is highly adaptable

Multi-dimensional interval distribution of audience investment, so that every enterprise can choose suitable for their ideal investors.

4, face high quality to join investors

The audience age group is concentrated in 25~45 years old gold, mature joining age stage, with more mature, ideal joining investment judgment and financial strength, joining success rate is higher.

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Venue Map and Hotels Around

Guangzhou - Canton Fair Complex, China


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