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SpeChem China 2021

Categories: Chemicals & Dyes

SpeChem China

SpeChem China is one of the world's three major fine chemical industry exhibitions

As one of the world's three major fine chemical industry exhibitions, SpeChem China has a large number of loyal exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad in the field of fine chemicals. The products are applied in medicine, pesticides, dyes, coatings, food, electronics, water treatment, plastics, rubber, etc.. The exhibition has become the best platform for trade cooperation and exchange in the fine chemical industry. The exhibition has been held in Shanghai over the years and has become a well-known exhibition in the fine chemical industry.

The exhibition welcomed more than 140 exhibiting companies and received more than 5,000 professional visitors from domestic and foreign manufacturers, traders, research institutes and related service organizations. Overseas visitors come from 12 countries and regions including South Korea, the United States, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The number of pre-registered viewers reached 825. The industries involved pharmaceuticals, pesticides, environmentally friendly water treatment, daily chemicals, textiles, food, e-commerce, logistics, new materials, chemical equipment, chemical parks, and other fields.

“SpeChem China ” will be held in conjunction with “ICIF China ”, “Clean Water China ”,“RubberTech ”, “China Adhesive ”. These five exhibitions jointly create a one-stop resource platform and lead the development of the chemical industry in Asia.

Product Categories:

◇ Fine & Specialty Chemicals:

Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Agrochemical Intermediates, Dye Intermediates, Electronic Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Oilfield Chemicals, Household Products, Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, BioChemical, Custom Synthesis, Catalysts, Rubber and Plastic Assists, Reagent, Surfactants, Food & Feed Additives.

◇ Custom Chemicals:custom synthesis, commissioned processing, etc.

◇ Chemical Equipment :

Pulverization Machinery, Driers, Rectifying Equipment, Sealing Equipment, Analytical & Testing Instruments, Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection Equipments, Packaging, Storage and Transportation

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