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Guangzhou International Hotel Equipments & Supplies Exhibition 2021

From December 16, 2021 until December 18, 2021
Categories: Home & Office, Hospitality



Guangzhou international hotel supplies, exhibition brings together China, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Australia, Jamaica, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, more than 100 countries and regions of hotel equipment supplies, hotel supplies market at home and abroad are gathered almost all the well-known brands.The gathering of brand enterprises and high-quality audience invitation ensure the scale and level of the exhibition, and the influence and appeal of the exhibition cannot be shaken in the hotel supplies industry.Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition effect year by year better, the scale year by year bigger, in the hotel supplies industry exhibitors and visitors recognized as the most successful industry exhibition.In 2018, she spent 25 anniversary will be, and with 330000 square meters of exhibition area, eight product display area of the very large scale for the hotel supplies industry with the most concentrated show the most effective propaganda platform, guangzhou international hotel supplies exhibition is now the world's largest hotel supplies exhibition, we warmly invite domestic and foreign hotels hotel procurement staff and hotel supplies dealers at the appointed time to visit, order.

Product Categories
  • Catering and kitchen equipment, kitchenware, food machinery
  • Hotel furniture and decorative supplies, furnishings
  • Tableware (ceramic, glass, crystal, stainless steel tableware, etc.)
  • Guest room appliances and guest room supplies, lobby supplies
  • Cleaning machinery, chemical, stone care, bathroom and other equipment, supplies
  • Hotel textile linen, bedding and uniforms
  • Food, milk tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Hotel information technology, fitness equipment, intelligent products


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