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China International Bus Expo

From December 09, 2020 09:30 until December 11, 2020 18:00
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China International Bus ExpoChina International Bus ExpoChina International Bus ExpoChina International Bus Expo

The China (Shanghai) international passenger car exhibition

CIBE has a focus on industry development based on the latest policy direction. Bus companies, leaders, and experts have been widely invited and welcomed to our show, to discover the prospect of new energy technology with guests together. This huge event is aimed to combine practical use, with bus industry integration and technological innovation. CIBE  will showcase a full spectrum of cutting-edge innovations in Shanghai, China.

China (Shanghai) international passenger car exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai international passenger car exhibition) is a leading international large-scale exhibition China passenger car field, as a professional coach, we always stick to the market front, adhere to the advanced ideas of science and technology, innovation and service, based on the Chinese market, expand the international market, to provide customers with professional and efficient platform for the display. Since it was first held in 2012, the exhibition has been successfully held for many sessions. The exhibition area has been continuously expanded, the quality of exhibits has been continuously improved, and the number of professional visitors has increased exponentially. It has become the vane for the development of China's bus industry.

The  China (Shanghai) international bus exhibition has come to a successful close at the Shanghai new international expo center. With the theme of "creating green public transport, tree energy conservation and environmental protection", the expo attracted 256 pioneer enterprises to bring high and new products and technologies in the field of public transport in six theme exhibition areas, including vehicle, parts, charging equipment and intelligent transportation, with an exhibition area of more than 30,000 square meters. The three-day exhibition attracted a total of 15,423 professional visitors from 18 countries and regions, a record high.

At the scene of the exhibition, we also hold a series of colorful activities, invited nearly a hundred industry experts and scholars, around the "green public transportation, energy conservation, and environmental protection" were discussed, the theme of the additional features according to users at home and abroad market demand, we also tailor application technology for its solution, urgent user needs, solve the user is hard, together with the user to present China bus technology application feast!

The Shanghai international bus exhibition will be upgraded comprehensively

The Shanghai international bus exhibition will be upgraded comprehensively, forming a convergence effect, combining with global resources, making it a joint power leading the Chinese bus market, bringing together the top technologies of international bus and bus, and creating a platform for the Chinese market to display, communicate and cooperate with enterprises of higher quality. Promote and realize the bus intelligent, automation, information, advanced manufacturing, Internet of things and industry 4.0 of the latest concept applied to the production of enterprises, Shanghai international bus exhibition is your undoubtedly best choice!


Product Category:
  • Vehicle: bus, new energy bus, intelligent driving bus, driverless car, tourist bus, road passenger bus, school bus, rv, small electric car (small electric bus), electric cleaning car, etc.
  • Parts: engine, motor, electric control and hybrid platform, power battery equipment, new energy powertrain, vehicle, bus chassis, air conditioning and heating and ventilation equipment, tires, wheels, drive system, gearbox, transmission system, braking system, steering system, the gear, electronic appliances, car multimedia, intelligent and CAN bus, car doors, safety glass, automotive oil, urea, centralized lubrication system, automotive interior parts, chairs, lightweight materials, etc.;
  • New energy technology: hydrogen fuel engine, hydrogen fuel, fuel cell, hybrid power, etc.
  • Smart bus system: Internet of vehicles solution, intelligent bus management system, intelligent vehicle scheduling system, driving assistance system, EPR integrated information management system, vehicle monitoring system, etc.
  • Charging facilities: charging pile (station) for electric bus, charging gun, charging station equipment, charging machine, power changing equipment, power monitoring system, inverter, frequency converter, power distribution cabinet, cable, battery management system, etc.
  • Urban traffic facilities: bus station, BRT station equipment, guard box, station announcement system, signage, etc.
  • Bus maintenance equipment and maintenance equipment.

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