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Wenzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center

Address: 1 Jiangbin E Rd, Lucheng Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China, 325003

Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is one of the top ten iconic buildings in Wenzhou. It located on the north side of the intersection of Riverside East Road and Tang family Bridge, north of Oujiang, facing the planning of the Yang Hill Business Center area. Wenzhou International Convention & amp; Exhibition Center is responsible for business management, main contractor, self-service, cooperation to organize exhibitions, hosting meetings, exhibition services, advertising construction, and other business, Wenzhou is currently substantial, full-featured, high-grade set of conferences, expos, trade, hotels, sports,
Entertainment and other multi-functional as one of the large-scale intelligent pavilion. Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center has a total construction area of 103,200 square meters, outdoor plaza area of 28,000 square meters, indoor exhibition area of 41,000 square meters, including one hall 1300 square meters, second exhibition hall 6300 square meters, third exhibition hall 8000 square meters, fourth exhibition hall 3800 square meters, fifth Hall 7200 square meters, sixth Hall 72
00 square meters, Hall seventh 7200 square meters. Sincerely invite you to Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center to run exhibitions, exhibitors!

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