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China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition

From May 22, 2019 09:00 until May 25, 2019 18:00
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China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition

The China Glass is a dedicated trade show that offers industry professionals with matchless opportunities and insights into China vibrant glass industry. It brings together exhibitors from around the world and provides them with the opportunity to display the latest in glass products, services, solutions and technologies and provides an analysis of existing and future trends relating to the glass industry.


The Exhibition was founded in 1986 and held in Beijing and Shanghai in turn every year

China international glass industry and technology exhibition (China glass exhibition), sponsored by China silicate society and undertaken by Beijing zhongsi exhibition co., LTD., was held in Beijing China international exhibition center (new hall).This exhibition was founded in 1986 and held in Beijing and Shanghai in turn every year.After more than 30 years of cultivation and development, China glass exhibition has become an internationally renowned professional exhibition with completely independent intellectual property rights, and is the most valuable exhibition, technical exchange and economic and trade negotiation platform in China's glass industry, ranking firmly among the world's two major glass exhibitions.As a mainstream exhibition in the international glass industry, China glass exhibition has been taken as an important basis for evaluating the development of the glass market by international consulting institutions.


Exhibition area and the Exhibition people

China glass exhibition exhibition area of more than 80000 square meters, 29 countries, 865 (253) abroad manufacturers took part in the exhibition, of more than 33515 professional visitors from 72 countries (4544) abroad to visit and purchase, negotiate trade, at the same time also held nine technical lectures, many Chinese and foreign media and web sites for the detailed report!


At present, the macro operating environment of glass industry presents a complex situation with many factors interwoven

At present, the macro operating environment of glass industry presents a complex situation with many factors interwoven.On the one hand, as the real estate market enters the adjustment period and the growth rate of fixed asset investment declines, the demand in the glass market is weakening.On the other hand, the government has introduced a series of "micro-stimulus" measures to stabilize growth, and increased support for the renovation of government-subsidized housing, affordable housing and shantytowns, as well as the introduction and implementation of the new urbanization plan, which has constantly released new market needs and will stimulate the endogenous driving force and vitality of the glass market.In line with industrial upgrading, structural adjustment of energy saving and emission reduction technology and energy-saving glass products will be vigorously supported by the policy and promote the application!In terms of the number of exhibitors, exhibition area, internationalization and informatization, the company has exceeded the previous levels, providing an exchange platform for the transformation and upgrading of China's glass industry and structural adjustment, and good business opportunities for the trade and cooperation between domestic and foreign glass manufacturers


exhibition contents

1. Glass products and applications

  • building and building processing glass products: float, calendered, embossed and grooved glass, ultra-white and body tinted glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, curtain wall glass, safety glass, fire glass, coated glass, etc.;
  • architectural decoration glass: stained glass, glazed glass, painted glass, mirror glass, glass brick, glass tile, glass Mosaic, etc.;
  • energy-saving glass doors, Windows and accessories: insulating glass, vacuum glass, all kinds of glass and surface modified glass combination, all kinds of doors and Windows profiles and accessories and energy-saving glass doors and Windows components;
  • industrial glass: safety glass, anti-frost glass, instrument glass, instrument glass, signal glass, glass tube, etc.;
  • glassware: tableware, cooking utensils, daily utensils, craft utensils, etc.;
  • bottle glass: glass for packaging of cans, beverages, wines and cosmetics;
  • electronic glass: display, substrate glass, etc.;
  • special glass: quartz glass, laser glass, electromagnetic shielding glass, optical glass and optical fiber, glass-ceramics, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, biological glass, foam glass, etc.;
  • art glass: glass made by cold processing techniques such as inlaying, painting and engraving, sandblasting, laser engraving and painting, and various kinds of art glass made by hot processing techniques such as blowing, casting, pressing, sintering, laminating, hot melting and hot bending;
  • new energy glass: glass-based photoelectric conversion and photothermal conversion of new energy glass, substrate manufacturing, modification, device processing and other technologies.


2. Glass manufacturing technology and equipment

  • raw material selection, crushing, purification, tailings recovery technology, with the material weighing and mixing equipment, with the material pressing block, molding, preheating, conveying system;
  • various types of kiln design, liquid glass melting and homogenization technology, crucible, feeding channel and baking kiln, feeding and feeding machine and other equipment;
  • combustion technology: full oxygen, rich oxygen, local full oxygen and low NOX combustion technology;Combustion devices such as spray guns and nozzles, and other energy-saving technologies and equipment;
  • furnace flue gas treatment technology and equipment, exhaust gas 3R technology, SCR and SNCR denitrification technology;
  • molding equipment: drawing, calendering, wire clamping, tin groove, edge drawing machine, line and column machine, press machine, pressure blowing machine, tube drawing machine, wire drawing machine, mold, etc.;
  • annealing kiln system and supporting instruments, etc.;
  • cutting, sorting, transportation, paper laying, stacking, packing, storage and other cold-end equipment of glass and products;
  • on-line automatic monitoring and control system and device;
  • physical and chemical performance testing instruments for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products;
  • recycling of by-products and waste heat, waste gas and waste water purification, environmental protection facilities, etc.;
  • industrial gas preparation technology;
  • robots with various functions;
  • automatic plant and workshop management system.


3. Glass processing technology and equipment

  • various cutting, edge grinding, drilling, carving, sandblasting, cleaning and other processing machinery;
  • production equipment and control system of reinforcement, hot bending, sandwich, coating, hollow, mirror making, printing, doors and Windows, etc.;
  • glass surface grinding and polishing equipment;
  • abrasive tools, cutting tools and other glassworking tools.


4. Refractory materials, raw materials and various main and auxiliary materials

  • refractory materials and supporting technologies for glass kilns;
  • technologies and products for the preparation and purification of mineral and chemical raw materials;
  • glass surface grinding, polishing, acid corrosion, frosting, activation and other materials;
  • related polymer, film, resin, sealant, binder, desiccant, lubricant, coolant, silver paste, etc.;
  • related metals, precious metals and products;
  • various paints, colorants, pigments, etc.




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