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China International Aroma Industry Exhibition

From April 10, 2020 09:00 until April 12, 2020 18:00

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Exhibition Introduction
  • Uniqueness:
    Aromatherapy exhibition is the only professional exhibition to show the whole industry chain of aromatic industry in China.
  • International exhibitors:
    The  aromatherapy exhibition have more than 100 kinds of aromatic products and more than 30 international brands from Germany, France, the United States, Australia, Italy, Japan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Africa, Morocco, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The number of brands is over 40%.
  • Professional audience:
    The aromatherapy exhibition attracted domestic and foreign daily chemical industry、medical and health care enterprises、food and beverage processing enterprises、high-grade hotel clubs、health management doctors、aromatherapy teachers and the direction of cultural media organizations, such as more than 10000 professional purchasers attending the exhibition.
  • International guest speaker:
    The aromatherapy exhibition will invite the aromatherapy industry experts from the United States,India,South Korea,Britain,China to the exhibition to share their achievements and research achievements in the field.
  • The exhibition area is clear:
    The aromatherapy exhibition features nine exhibition areas,namely,Aromatic plants cultivation and tourism, Equipment&packages, Essential oil and aromatherapy, Natural fragrance and essence and application, Pure herbal cleansing products, Health management, Aromatherapy, Koudou culture, and Media Association and Cultural Institution. The exhibition area is set up to cover the entire aromatic industrial chain.
  • Activity is abundant:
    During the exhibition, more than 50 forums and special sessions will be held, including the summit forum on the development of Chinese aromatic industries, in the community of business wealth, the conference on new products and technologies. Enhanced interaction between exhibitors and visitors.

The China International Aroma Industry Exhibition exhibits Fangcao Industrial Park / Aromatic Theme Real Estate / Seedling Cultivation / Planting Tools / Technical Support and Service / Organic Fertilizer, Drying equipment / Sterilization equipment / Distillation equipment / Storage equipment / Packaging equipment and materials / Testing and analysis equipment, Single essential oil / compound essential oil / vegetable oil / Chinese medicine oil / blending oil / net oil / flower essence, and much more.

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