Farmers Processing & SalesSupport Expo Tokyo 2023

Farmers Processing & SalesSupport Expo Tokyo
From October 11, 2023 until October 13, 2023
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

Farmers’ Processing & Sales Support Expo Tokyo

What is the Farmers' Processing Expo Tokyo? Special Exhibit Zones. Food Processing Equipment Zone. Packaging & Logistics Zone.

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Farmers' Processing Expo Tokyo focuses on the concept of 6th Industrialization in Japanese Agriculture Industry. This is the movement where farmers produce, process, and sell their own products.<br/ >There are many food processing machines, freshness management, and sales support services. The show will feature these products.

− Organiser RX Japan Ltd. (Formerly Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.).

[Farmers' Processing Expo TOKYO] Fresh produce processing & sales support service for farmers.

All the latest agricultural products and materials under one roof.<br/ >- Substrate - Agrichemical<br/ >- Fertiliser - Agricultural machinery<br/ >- Horticultural supply, Livestock supply, etc.

Next-generation agricultural technologies all under one roof. - IT solution for agriculture - Agriculture drone - Plant factory system & equipment - Photovoltaic generation system for farms                                   etc.

All types of equipment and supplies for livestock are available under one roof.<br/ >- Feeding Machinery, Livestock Fencing/Gate<br/ >- Animal Health Management - Egg Sorting/Grading Machine<br/ >- Feedstuff, Additives - Container, Truck<br/ >- Vaccine etc.

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Registration and Get Tickets

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Make sure that you double-check the date and address.

Venue Map and Hotels Around

Chiba - Makuhari Messe, Japan Chiba - Makuhari Messe, Japan


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