Anuga Organic 2023

Anuga Organic
From October 07, 2023 until October 11, 2023
Cologne - Koelnmesse GmbH, Germany
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

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Transformation in Latin America. African Spirits Market. Insights from Southeast Asia: From Sustainability to Foodverse. Innovating with upcycling. F&B Insights Brazil. Packaging as a selling point. Key Trends Latin America. Perspectives on sustainability. Food industry in crisis mode. Cultivated Meat – Interview with Aleph Farms.

Latin America was always considered a region that eats a lot of meat. Health is one of the factors driving this shift in attitudes towards plant-based meat. Mariana Tunis, Fazenda Futuro's marketing director, discusses in an interview the other factors that have pushed the Latin American market for plant-based meats to rise and what makes this market different from the rest.

African spirit producers are focusing more on local ingredients, culture and their tradition. One way in which Africa’s spirits market is achieving success is through the introduction of small, family-run distilleries. With success: In Africa, the spirits market will grow by more than a fifth in terms of volume and value by 2023.

South-East Asia's most important economic sector is agriculture and the food industry. This market is known for its delicious cuisine, but also for keeping up with new trends and innovations in food. More growth can be achieved through sustainability and innovative technology.

Upcycling goes beyond "make do" or any other green initiative. Manufacturers who are able to extract the highest yields from their raw materials will reap economic benefits. Innova Market Insights explains how upcycling can open the door to innovation and offer economic benefits for consumers as well as brands.

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Cologne - Koelnmesse GmbH, Germany Cologne - Koelnmesse GmbH, Germany


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