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SIAL China 2022

From May 18, 2022 09:30 until May 20, 2022 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)


SIAL China


Asia’s largest and the biggest food innovation exhibition in the world, SIAL China concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center with a record number of visitors, exhibitors, and exhibition squares. There were 3,400 exhibitors (+6% VS ) showcased their latest products and food trends from countries and regions worldwide and attracted 110,635 professionals (+9% VS 2017). This year, SIAL China realized a scale of 162,000 square meters (+8% VS 2017), which was the biggest ever. The event mantra emphasized on “international, professional and trade”, and focused on promoting import and export business. As a result, SIAL China can be seen as the leading food marketplace in Asia.

SIAL China

SIAL InnovationSIAL Innovation, food trend and innovations, discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL CHINA exhibitors, analyze consumer trends and new products in the Asian agri-food market...

SIAL China is the 3rd biggest food show in the world, with 19 years’ experience in the market. Major market players from retail, hotel/restaurant/catering (HoReCa), food services, the import/export trade, and manufacturing come to this show.

SIAL China sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry, in particular in the meat, dairy and beverage sectors.

Join one of the biggest markets: Asia represents 2/3 of the worldwide population and is gaining 20 million new middle -class people per year in China alone.


Product Category:

Poultry and game, pork, beef, tripes and offals, other fresh meat, frozen meat.
Milk, butter, milk fat & cream, wellness, baby food, yoghurt milk dessert, cheese, eggs. 
Non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverage and hot beverages together

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The show was ok, I had very good service at the registration. but I didn't find any craft pit and ingredients very basic products I think you guys need to bring more innovation for us that travel from far away to participate in the SIAL event

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