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China Wedding Expo 2021

From July 07, 2021 09:30 until July 09, 2021 18:00
(COVID-19 Alert, We advise visitors to check event status with organizers before visiting.)

China Wedding Expo


China Wedding Expo covers the entire wedding, from apparel and accessories to photography and filmmaking. This event exhibits products like Wedding apparel, garment & cosmetics, Photo frames, photo albums, Digital studio system & equipment, Digital photographic equipment & picture-making, Application of digital technologies, Digital enlargers, etc.

China • Shanghai international wedding photography equipment exhibition after many years of development and growth has become a wedding is still a procurement platform.
Wedding dress, jewelry department store, and cosmetics, photo album frame, photographic equipment, and post-production equipment, photographic background props, wedding planning and props, wedding photography theme sample research and development franchise, children photography supplies, window design and furniture, management training, and software, and other related products and services.



 Product Categories:
  • 3H  Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Xiuhe, Menswear, Wedding Shoes, Wedding Accessories, Theme Clothing, Make-up and Beauty Manicure, Make-up Tools and Training Schools, Fabrics, Packaging, etc.
  • 4.1H Photo Album & Frame, Lines, Consumables & Equipment for Photo Album and Frame
  • 5.2H Theme, Travel Wedding Photography Brands Join, Travel
  • Wedding Photography limo, Photography Studio Brands Join,
  • Wedding Planner, Wedding Supplies, Wedding Brands Join,
  • Space Design, Scenery, and Furniture, Background and
  • Showcase, Software, Marking Plan, Internet, etc.


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Narsha Ali
Wedding dresses
Hi. I would very much like to attend canton fair 2020. Please help
The event was so good. I think that more rest stations are necessary for hall.because it is very hot. I want to visit again and also want to meet one on one for my supplier

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