Guangzhou Design Week 2023

Guangzhou Design Week
From March 03, 2023 until March 06, 2023
86-20-8908 0307
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Guangzhou Design Week was the first in China. It was established under the guidance of the government in 2006. It was jointly certified in 2007 by the three international design organizations ICSIDICOGRADA, IFI, and ICSIDICOGRADA. It has become Asia's most important design event and has been widely promoted and improved.
Guangzhou Design Week is a non-profit organization that promotes empowerment and growth of designers and channel value. It has been established in Guangzhou in over 30 countries and 200 locations around the globe, after more than ten year of innovation and development. Design Week's partner network has organized and hosted a number of internationally recognized and leading design exhibitions, forums, forums, and study tours. It provides a platform for Chinese and global designers to find inspiration, stimulate thought and show results. It is also known as "Design Week's teacher's house".

Guangzhou Design Week was firm in its belief that "promoting design through comercialization" is the key operating principle. They pioneered "365+4 (days), "design + brand", international brand Chinese market incubator", designer channel promotion service", and "designer channel promo service". This unique B2B business mode, which includes a series design promotion and brand marketing activities such as "Shop," has been a field of expertise that can't be ignored by foreign and domestic designers, their developers, contractors, brand owners, distributors, and manufacturers and other vendors, as well as well as well as well as well as well as they are. - Accurate and efficient demand interaction platform.

Guangzhou design week was born under the leadership of the guangzhou municipal people's government in 2006. It is an annual business event of interior design sponsored by the United Nations -- an international association of interior architects/designers (IFI).
Since the date of birth, guangzhou Design Zhou Jianding "with commercialization Design," this paper presents the operating principle, pioneered such as "365 + 3 (day)", "Design + brand" (D + B, Design + Brands), "incubator" international brand in China market, "designer trade promotion service" and a series of unique Design promotion and brand marketing activities of B2B business operation mode, ao however become designers at home and abroad group associated with developers, manufacturers, contractors, Brands, distributors, and another professional cannot be ignored in the field of interactive business platform, accurate and effective demand.
In the past 10 years, along with the transformation of China's economic growth model from "made in China" to "created in China," guangzhou design week has gone through a road from awakening the public awareness of "winning in design" and "creating value through design" to sounding the clarion call for the whole industry to "give voice to Chinese design."In the next 10 years, guangzhou design week hopes to achieve the goal and mission of "design-driven industrial upgrading" with all-round, cross-field, and international efforts, the operation concept of "new products, new technologies, and new models" and the focused approach of "from designer to product manager."

Product Categories
  • Beautiful life design exhibition area

It is suitable for space-related design, art, and design-driven "new business, new species, new life" excellent brand of a private house and new business, and all kinds of life aesthetic implements that emphasize the sense of design, etc.

  • Building decoration materials exhibition area

It applies to all kinds of new products and materials related to ceiling, floor, wall, acoustics, light and shadow, and electrician in interior and exterior decoration engineering of private houses and new businesses.

  • Gao ding and soft decoration exhibition area

-- advanced customized home products and services for private homes and new businesses, including integrated customized products, kitchen, smart home system, wall decoration, doors and windows, equipment, and solutions.

-- all kinds of furniture, lighting, curtain, fabric, flower art, space decoration art, and all kinds of household utensils and supplies, which are advocated with guiding lifestyle as the core

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