FIC-Health 2024

From November 21, 2024 until November 23, 2024
Guangzhou - China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair Complex), Guangdong, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

About FIC-Health

China International Natural Extracts & Health Ingredients Exhibition,  formal name as Food Ingredients China Autumn.

After the exhibition was renamed, the original autumn exhibition food additives and ingredients, equipment, technology, and other exhibits will remain. Still, they will focus on displaying healthy food ingredients and extracts and technological innovation, positioning the exhibition purpose as "precise service for health. The food industry promotes the development of the healthy food industry with technological innovation." Natural extracts, functional health food ingredients and technologies, health foods, formula foods for special medical purposes, functional foods, elderly foods, kosher foods, and halal foods serving the large health food industry are the exhibition's focus.

Guangzhou is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up, developed economy, convenient transportation, pleasant climate, weather, geographical location, and superior environment and geographical location. Guangzhou is also one of the birthplaces of the exhibition economy. With modern pavilions and excellent venue services, the world-famous China import and export fair and various exhibitions are held here every spring and autumn. Therefore, guangzhou has a prosperous exhibition economy, solid foundation, and perfect and advanced exhibition conditions: excellent exhibition atmosphere, modern exhibition hardware, and high-quality exhibition service software. Guangdong province is also one of the major provinces in the food industry. There are many terminal food enterprises, and the food processing industry is very developed. These enterprises have relatively mature and stable development, advanced production and management standards, and the industry is in a leading position. The demand for food additives and ingredients is strong, and the market is huge, which has a great leading and demonstration effect on the national food additives and ingredients enterprises.

In addition to food additives, food ingredients, and mechanical equipment, the exhibition has added new contents, including the promotion and application of health products and natural extracts, as well as new technologies and processes. The exhibition has received good results and won recognition and praise from exhibitors and visitors.
After the exhibition, we conducted a survey and analysis of the market and sought opinions from all parties. Many exhibitors and visitors believed that the market in guangzhou had a greater demand for various equipment and raw materials needed by baking and cold drink enterprises, and such kind of exhibition in autumn would definitely achieve better results.
After adjusting the exhibition content, we will strengthen the promotion of the exhibition and the invitation to professional visitors. In addition to the invitation to domestic and foreign food processing enterprises, we will also increase the promotion and invitation to the circulation field and consumers. It is believed that exhibitors and professional visitors will benefit from the autumn exhibition's adjustment and improvement.


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Guangzhou - China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair Complex), Guangdong, China Guangzhou - China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair Complex), Guangdong, China


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