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Guangzhou International Biopharmaceutical Technology and Analysis Testing Exhibition 2022

From September 15, 2022 until September 17, 2022
Categories: Biotechnology

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Based on the Bio-Industry Gathering Area Professional Platform To Achieve Professional Brand

At present, China's biotechnology industry has grown in size and has maintained an annual growth rate of around 20%. It has become an important growth point for the Chinese economy and has formed a number of core bio-industry gathering areas in the Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim and Pearl River Delta regions.

As an international and professional biotech Expo, BFE closely follows the needs and future development trends of the biotechnology industry and commits to promoting the efficient application of biotechnology in various fields, technological innovation, and coordinated development of the industrial chain, becoming a preferred display & communication platform by leading biotechnology companies.

Product Categories:


  • Microbial Breeding Technology & Equipment
    Microbial breeding equipment  Fermenter, Cell Culture System, Cellular Reactors, Bioreactor, High Throughput Screening Equipment, Online Monitoring&Control, Cytoanalyze, Cell Culture Apparatus、Operating System, Culture Medium and so on.


  • Microbial Fermentation Technology & Equipment
    Microbial reactor,Animal and plant cell culture reactor, Enzyme reactor, Culture medium sterilization equipment, Fermentation liquid filtration and Separation equipment, Membrane separation equipment, Cell disruption equipment, Extraction equipment, Ion exchange equipment, Chromatographic separation 


  • Microbial Fermentation Functional Products
    Lentinan, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide, Cordyceps sinensis, Monascus pigment, bioactive peptides, isomaltooligosaccharides and various functional sugar alcohols.


  • Enzyme,Yeast & Derivative

Enzyme preparations:
Amylase, glucoamylase, protease, cellulase, isoamylase, isomerase, β-glucanase, phytase, pectinase, lipase, xylanase.

Yeast and its derivatives:
High active dry yeast, medicinal yeast, feed yeast, nutrient yeast, yeast extract.

  • Starch Sugar&Sugar Alcohol

Starch sugar:
corn starch, potato starch, corn protein powder, corn oil, protein feed, various DE value of glucose syrup, maltose, maltodextrin, fructose syrup, various uses of modified starch, high absorbent starch, Agent.

Polyhydric alcohol products:
sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, mannitol, lactitol, isomalt, arabinitol, erythritol, propylene glycol, 1-3 propanediol, ethylene glycol, butanediol , Hydrogenation 5) starch syrup, sugar alcohol and its derivatives.

  • Amino Acids & Organic Acids

Amino Acids:
Glutamic acid, alanine, cystine, cysteine, serine, tyrosine, proline, arginine, threonine, threonine, phenylalanine, glycine Acid, histidine, ornithine, citrulline, theanine, branched chain amino acids.

Organic acid products:
Citric acid, gluconic acid, lactic acid, itaconic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, pyruvic acid, long chain dibasic acid, fatty acid.

  • Bio-Fermentation Foods, Drinks & Cosmetics
    Enzymes, natto fermented foods, black garlic, fruit vinegar, milk fermented food, yogurt powder, fermented fruit and vegetable drinks, Guevas, biological mask, biological skin care products.
  • Environmental Protection  Technology & Equipment
    Wastewater, waste gas, solid waste treatment equipment;
    Environmental testing, testing equipment;
    Instrumentation and so on.

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