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From November 17, 2021 09:30 until November 19, 2021 18:00
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Categories: Medical & Pharma



The Pharmchina To become an effective platform for enterprises to explore the market.

The Chinese pharmaceutical China was a professional gathering with great scale and influence in Chinese pharmaceutical preparations and great health, with a history of 40s years. The exhibition is held twice a year, covering 100,000 square meters, with 2,000 exhibitors and 120,000 professional visitors. It has become an efficient platform for enterprises to explore market opportunities and provides excellent opportunities to shape brand image, seek professional agents, expand retail channels, exchange and study in the industry, meet old friends and find new partners.


Pharmchina Shanghai is a pharmaceutical.

Pharmchina Shanghai is a pharmaceutical, home care medical equipment, and healthcare products fair on relevant technology and services. PHARMCHINA provides a platform for company branding and trade-in Mainland China and beyond to sell medicine and healthcare products through established distribution channels.


Product Category:
  • Chemical medicine
  • National medicine
  • biopharmaceutical
  • Proprietary Chinese medicine.
  • OTC drugs
Chinese medicinal materials/traditional Chinese medicine yinpian
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Chinese medicine yinpian
New Chinese medicine decoction pieces
  • Chinese medicine granule
  • Chinese medicine is broken wall yinpian
  • The refined slices
Health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Chinese medicine health center
  • Footbath foot bath products
  • moxibustion
  • Chinese medicine cosmetology
  • Chinese medicine oil and ointment
  • Medicinal food
  • Health tourism
  • Health wine
Traditional Chinese medicine characteristic diagnosis and treatment and traditional Chinese medicine equipment
  • TCM characteristic diagnosis and treatment
  • Museum of traditional Chinese medicine
  • TCM special diagnosis and treatment equipment
  • Equipment of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) equipment
  • Physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine
Biotechnology and innovation
  • Genetic testing
  • Diagnostic reagents
  • Pharmaceutical research and development
  • biotechnology
  • Biological products
  • biopharmaceutical
Internet +
  • The electronic commerce
  • Big data
  • The cloud
  • Management software
Contract customization service
  • Drug development
  • CRO
  • CMO
  • Consulting education
  • The registration service
Pharmaceutical logistics technology and equipment
  • Medical transportation and distribution equipment
  • Pharmaceutical warehousing/handling equipment
  • Medical management software
  • Medical cold chain service
  • Pharmaceutical e-commerce platform


Pharmaceutical market solutions exhibition area
  • Business incubator
  • Industrial park
  • Risk investment
  • Marketing services
  • Medical service
  • Database management
  • Research data, brand design, training and consulting, etc
Health tea
  • Six traditional tea categories
  • Functional tea
  • Ecological tea
  • High-grade tea set
  • Tea ceremony, tea art
  • Substitute for tea


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