World Art Dubai 2024

World Art Dubai
From April 24, 2024 until April 27, 2024
Dubai - Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)
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Where the world's art comes together! Discover thousands of original and diverse artworks from renowned galleries and solo artists hailing from all over the world.

Where in the world is the World's

Art comes together. Join the largest gathering of international
Artists and Galleries Subscribe to the WAD Newsletter. Where the world's best.
Art and togetherness. Art is the art of selecting your art. World Art Dubai: Artists to Watch. 10 Women Artists Share Their Advice On Making It In The Art World.

World Art Dubai's ninth edition featured more than 4000 works of art from 300+ galleries and solo artists from 60+ countries. The four-day event was a thriving, bustling space that brought together collectors, investors and art lovers of all ages. It also encouraged creative thinking with a schedule of non-stop live art performances, workshop and talks.

As artists experiment and innovate, they are creating more and more pieces that combine art forms like painting, sculptures, photography, collage, and others.

Who better than an artist to give you advice on your career in the art world?

A recent study found that the vast majority wears 20% of their clothing 80 percent of the time.

World Art Dubai 2020 artists Kristel Béchara, Aditi Pátwari and Mahnaz Karri discuss how the fair this year will reflect global trends.

App enhances your World Art Dubai experience.

Commercial Interior Design hosts a panel discussion.

You can also find out more about us on our website.
Osama Elolemy, Egyptian fine-art artist and artist of this week.
@genie_in_a_click is returning to WAD2023. He has a variety of displays.
Photographs of portraiture, fine art and African culture
Middle Eastern culture is rich in beauty and stories. Osama does not only
It is important to not only include his feelings in the visual, but also the emotional component.
His work reflects his creativity, vision, and personality.

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Dubai - Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE Dubai - Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE


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