Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia 2023

Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia
From June 17, 2023 until June 19, 2023
Karachi - Karachi Expo Center, Pakistan
(021) 111 222 444)
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17 - 19 June 2023

From 29 September to 01 October 2020, the International Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia 2020 Exhibition will be held at Karachi Expo Center. It is one of the most enduring and promising exhibitions. This event was organized at a time when the government wants to grow the country's Plastic industry, which has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia will showcase the emerging capabilities of Pakistani in the polythene and chemical industries and will focus on Pakistan's immense potential in international markets.

Pakistan, the land of many unexplored possibilities, has gained a reputation in the international marketplace for being a dynamic and progressive country in the world. To attract maximum foreign investment, the Government of Pakistan has established a liberal investment policy. Foreign investors can own up to 100% of several economic sectors. The country has seen a significant increase in foreign direct investment over the last few years. This makes Pakistan stand out from other countries in the region. The vital indicators of Pakistan's economic health have also shown extraordinary improvement, such as an increase in GDP and GNP, greater foreign exchange reserves, stable Pakistani currencies, and a better balance of payments. The per capita income has risen steadily to US$ 1513, surpassing the US$ 1513 mark.

About Plast Pack Asia

The International Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia Exhibition, one of the most promising and enduring exhibitions are scheduled at Karachi Expo Center. The event is being organized at the most opportune time when the government is looking forward to expanding the Plastic industry of the country, which has shown tremendous growth in the past few years. Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia would showcase the emerging capabilities of Pakistan in the chemical and polythene industry and aims to focus on the immense potential of Pakistan in International markets.


Product Categories:
  •       Plastic, Packaging & Printing Machinery & Eqpt
  • ??Plastic, Packaging & Printing Plant Systems
  • ??Paper & Cardboard Containers
  • ??Wrapping & Strapping
  • ??Tapes/Plastic Film/Pallets
  • ??Warehousing Equipment
  • ??Bag Making Machinery
  • ??Material Handling Equipment
  • ??Filling Machinery
  • ??Sealing Machinery
  • ??Weighing Machinery
  • ??Paper
  • ??Plastic Films
  • ??Polythene
  • ??Plastic Resins
  • ??Plastic Compounds
  • ??Synthetic Fibers
  • ??Additives
  • ??Colorants
  • ??Blow Molding Machines
  • ??Injection Molding Machines
  • ??Presses
  • ??Extrusion Line
  • ??Thermoforming
  • ??Vacuum Machines
  • ??Hopper Dryers
  • ??Dehumidifiers
  • ??Material / Storage
  • ??Mixing Equipment
  • ??Compounding
  • ??Conveyors
  • ??Mold Temperature Controllers
  • ??Scrap, Recycling Equipment
  • ??Shredders
  • ??Grinders
  • ??Crushers
  • ??Granulators
  • ??Cutting / Bending / Folding/ Edge Trimming Machines
  • ??Plastic Testing and Measuring Equipment
  • ??Testing & Precision Measuring Equipment
  • ??Pre & Post Processing Machines
  • ??Plastic Painting Machines
  • ??Plastic Processing Machinery
  • ??Roto-Gravure / Flexo Printing Machines
  • ??Chemicals
  • ??Solar Systems
  • ??Steam Turbines
  • ??Repair & Maintenance
  • ??Generators
  • ??Hydro Turbines
  • ??Cooling Towers
  • ??Energy Storage Systems
  • ??Conductors
  • ??Printing Equipment and Technology
  • ??Printing Inks, Plates and Systems
  • ??Printing Presses
  • ??Coatings
  • ??Food Equipment & Technology


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