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China (Guangzhou) Int’l Spring Industry Exhibition 2022

From September 20, 2022 until September 22, 2022
Categories: Industrial Products

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The global leading Guangzhou international spring industry exhibition has been held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex successfully. The effection, exhibition scale, and the audience have reached a new record. It is the vane and barometer of the spring industry. According to the good effect of the 2019 exhibition, over 95% of exhibitors will maintain or increase their exhibition area. Therefore, the exhibition of 2020 will come with a larger scale, richer exhibits, more overseas advanced equipment,, and suppliers of spring products and wire materials. We have build up a world-class bridge, and a first-class stage. Business opportunities are waiting for you.

Product Categories:


1. All kinds of bearing spring, roll bar, valve spring, motorcycle damping spring, pressure spring, draught spring, torsion spring, die spring, special-shaped spring, rectangular spring, cylinder spring, craft spring, battery spring, volute spiral, flat spring, clockwork spring, tower-shaped spring, snap spring, special spring, Belleville spring, serpentine spring, constant force spring, kinds of stainless spring, elastic cell and others.

2. Spring materials-spring steel wire, stainless wire.

3. Spring equipment- CNC spring end grinder, CNC spring coiler, computerized spring machine, spring testing machine, stress recorder

4. Testing equipment, various of spare parts and relevant technique equipment.

Target Audience Audience from automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, household electrical appliances, machinery, electronics, toys, instrument and meter, furniture, stationery, sports equipment, medical treatment, hardware and plastic, computer, camera, petroleum, chemical industry, pump, ship, aerospace, aviation, clocks, communication, bags, leather goods, shoes, hardware jewelries., molds, jigs, clutch, brake component, electromechanical, lighting, motor, electric power, telephone, remote control, lock, duplicator, diesel engine, ice chest, air conditioning

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