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China International Wine & Food Fair

From May 08, 2020 09:00 until May 10, 2020 18:00
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China International Wine & Food Fair

China International Wine & Food Fair

China International Wine & Food Fair (CAWFF) held by China trade group has been successfully held for many times. It is one of the earliest grand events held by China's food and wine industry, as well as a major brand exhibition under the China trade international exhibition group. Its exhibition scale, actual effect, participating countries, exhibitors, the number of visitors are leading the industry. It has become one of the most famous and authoritative exhibitions in the field of food in China, and an industry grand event that enterprises must participate in to explore anhui and even east China markets.


Start a new journey and set new goals

China trade international has been deeply engaged in the wine and food industry for decades and has been based in the Anhui region for more than a decade. More than 10 years of operation, more than 10 years of precipitation, cast today Anhui sugar and wine association brand, the achievement of Anhui sugar and wine association in the industry to ensure good results. Embark on a new journey and set new goals. Our customers and friends who have been following Cmao will have a better journey to participate in the exhibition. This year, we are looking forward to creating a brilliant future together with more exhibitors and purchasing agents.

CAWFF according to incomplete statistics, the total exhibition area of 510000 square meters, has 19800 companies, the cumulative audience 800000, total trade volume of more than one hundred million yuan, an accumulated reception coach of professional audiences of more than 420 vehicles/time, professional audience reception area in 16 cities and counties in Anhui province, area, north China, east China, central provinces and cities, and the national 26 provinces and cities. Several hundred summit BBS, Anhui wine Internet conference, China food conference, new product release conference, main production areas promotion and other thematic activities.


Exhibition range

1. Food exhibition area:

All kinds of snack food, puffed food, convenient food, green food, canned food, frozen food, health food and so on

2. Wine exhibition area:

All kinds of liquor, wine, beer, health wine, health wine, yellow wine, fruit wine, foreign wine, liquor, imported wine;

3. Beverage exhibition area:

Various nutritive drinks, tea drinks, dairy drinks, carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit vinegar drinks, mineral water, purified water, soda water, etc.

4. Dairy products exhibition area:

Fresh milk, yogurt, soy milk, milk powder, all kinds of milk drinks and milk for students, infant milk powder, middle-aged and elderly care milk powder, cheese, dessert, whole milk powder, formula milk powder, and other dairy products;

5. Seasoning exhibition area:

All kinds of soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, vinegar, jam, sweet sauce, chili sauce, kimchi, cooking wine, sesame oil, hot pot soup, base, seasoning package;

6. Meat products exhibition area:

A variety of meat products, canned meat series, frozen and frozen food, freeze-dried food, a variety of poultry and meat products and a variety of aquatic products, ham sausage, sausage, sausage, lunch meat and other categories of the bag, canned food;

7. Packaging and processing machinery exhibition area:

Specialized in various packaging machinery, inkjet machine, edge sealing machine, food processing machinery, filling machinery, etc

8. Baking exhibition area:

Raw materials, processing and packaging equipment, baking high-end drinks, etc

9. Additives and ingredients exhibition area:

Food additives, food ingredients, health food and ingredients, food processing AIDS, food safety technology and equipment

10. Food preservation, freezing, and refrigeration exhibition area:

Refrigeration equipment, cold storage, food preservation, refrigerated transportation, air conditioning, etc.

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