Yantai Equipment Manufacture Industry Exhibition 2023

Yantai Equipment Manufacture Industry Exhibition
From May 11, 2023 until May 14, 2023
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


Coordinates: Longkou!

High-quality, intelligent manufacturing is a priority around the Bohai sea. You will also benefit from the new kinetic energy development opportunities.

Robot body, industrial robot core parts, system integration solution. Robot workstation (assembly and welding, grinding. Loading and unloading. Handling, spraying, sorting. Flexible manufacturing system. Sensor, RFID, machine vision.

Control systems, PLC and SCADA, sensors, actuators, network systems and fieldbus systems. Embed systems, industrial image processing system, measurement and testing systems. Automation instruments, industrial computer communications. Industrial automation data acquisition and identification.

Fiber laser cutting machines, marking and welding machines. Engraving machines, punching machines. Anti-counterfeiting Inkjet Printers. Sheet metal parts. Structural parts. Chassis cabinets. Distribution cabinets. Welding equipment and accessories. ;.

AGV, forklifts and accessories; three-dimensional warehouse, intelligent logistic technology solutions; supply chain; shelves, storage cages. tool cabinets. Metal, wooden pallets. plastic pallets. Turnover boxes. Cranes. Hydraulic lifting platforms. Elevators. Aerial work platforms.

Dust removal equipment, industrial fume and dust control, industrial vacuum cleansers, dust removal equipment, flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, smoke and exhaust gases purification, oil mist seperation, industrial fans, industrial wastewater treatment, water treatment and solid waste resource recycling are some examples. ;.

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Yantai - Yantai International Expo Center, China Yantai - Yantai International Expo Center, China


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