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Asia Battery Sourcing Fair&Summit 2021

From November 18, 2021 09:30 until November 20, 2021 18:00


Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair & Summit

Asia Battery Sourcing Fair&Summit

Asia Battery Sourcing Fair&Summit (ABS), meeting with "bellwether technology industrialization + industry" as the core mission, for more enterprises, research institutes and excellent project team to provide propaganda, cooperation, and promote large-scale production platform, for the industry enterprises, practitioners, capital, entrepreneurs to provide an understanding of industry status and market trend of mainstream technology route platform.


The last Asia Battery Sourcing Fair&Summit was held at the China import and export fair in Guangzhou. There were more than 100 guests and over 500 participants, including professors from top universities at home and abroad, principals of major projects, industry experts, representatives of the government of industrial clusters, representatives of industry service organizations and representatives of media. Centering on the core of "technology industrialization", the conference jointly discussed the current hot topics in the field of battery and energy storage. It mainly deals with power battery, BMS (battery management system), high energy density, battery design, battery safety, solid-state, zinc base, sodium base, lithium-sulfur, high nickel, lithium-rich, lithium metal, silicon base, recycling, and other issues. Among them, flexible batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, optical fiber sensors in the application of battery safety and other projects have reached a variety of cooperation intention.


At that time, scientists, government officials, investment and financing representatives of new energy vehicles, batteries, PACK, BMS, new battery technology, battery materials, intelligent manufacturing and core technologies of energy storage systems will jointly discuss the latest technologies, achievements and future development direction of power battery and energy storage industry. The organizing committee will collect outstanding projects from enterprises and welcome enterprises to sign up for participation, speech, and sponsorship.

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