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Jinnuo Machine Tool Exhibition

From May 25, 2020 09:00 until May 28, 2020 18:00
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Jinnuo Machine Tool Exhibition

Ningbo - "made in China", pilot demonstration city, is also an important advanced manufacturing base in the world. Ningbo is the manufacturing center of Yangtze river delta, "the capital of Chinese mold", "the capital of Chinese plastic machine", "the capital of Chinese fastener" and "the capital of Chinese water meter".At the same time is an important national auto parts base, high and low voltage electrical appliances base, instrumentation base, power tools base, household appliances base, pneumatic components base.

The exhibition will mainly focus on Ningbo city: 15000+ home appliance parts supporting enterprises, 10000+ mold processing enterprises, 4500+ auto parts production enterprises, 45,000 + home appliance production enterprises, 1000+ plastic machinery processing enterprises, 3000+ kitchen utensils production enterprises, 200+ fastener production enterprises

Product Categories:
  • Metal cutting
  • Metal forming/laser processing system
  • Function tool accessories
  • Mechanical automation/industrial robots
  • Metal cutting machine tools
  • Metal forming machine tool
  • Electric processing and laser processing and other special processing machine tools
  • Manufacturing unit/flexible wire
  • Numerical control system 
  • functional components and supporting products
  • Systems and automation equipment, industrial robots
  • Logistics distribution system
  • Inspection and testing equipment
  • Tool and fixture
  • Abrasive tools
  • superhard materials and products
  • design
  • manufacture 
  • management and service software
  • information, consulting services, etc.


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