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Emergency & Safety Technology Expo of China Hi-Tech Fair 2020

From November 11, 2020 09:30 until November 13, 2020 18:00
Categories: Security & Defense

Emergency & Safety Technology Expo of China Hi-Tech Fair

To implement the disaster prevention and mitigation required by the government, China (Shenzhen) International Emergency & Safety Technology Development Forum and China (Shenzhen) International Emergency & Safety Technology Exhibition will be held at Great China (Shenzhen) International Exchange Square. It is the first exhibition at CHTF dedicated to emergency and safety technology.

Emergency & Safety Technology Exhibition is approved by CHTF Committee, running collaboration with both Shenzhen Safety Management Committee Office and Emergency Management Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. The organizers will join hands with Shenzhen Urban Public Safety and Technology Institute and Shenzhen of Academy of Disaster Prevention and Reduction to hold the exhibition, promoting the exhibition theme of “Enhance Safety by Technology and Innovation Development”. Covering an area of 7,000 sq.m., a sizable number of excellent companies will appear at the exhibition as groups from provinces and cities and be organized as theme display. It’s where the cutting-edge technology and products of emergency safety industry will be showcased and business relationships will be built. The exhibition will also include a series of concurrent events, including Emergency Safety and Technology Development Forum and Sub-forums of Emergency Information Management and Advanced Technology Equipment, so as to build a platform in the industry to bring the most trendy information and promote communication.


  • Co-hosted by governments with policy direction
  • Leading experts deliver key information of the industry
  • Guided by high-grade, precision and advanced products, be the gateway to the industry trends
  • Designed to meet the needs of markets and link suppliers with buyers
Product Categories:
01. Emergency Command, Communication, Information Acquirement, and Auxiliary Decision Products

Emergency Management and Command Dispatching Platform, Emergency Communication Products, Emergency Broadcasting System, Disaster Site Information Acquisition, Assistant Decision-making Products, etc.

02. Key Emergency Rescue Equipment

Personnel Search and Rescue and Object Location Products, Oil Spill and Dangerous Chemicals Accident Rescue Products, Nuclear Accident Rescue Products, Mine Accident Rescue Products, Emergency Products for Special Equipment, Power Emergency Support Products, High-mobility Emergency Rescue System Equipment, Large-scale Drainage Equipment, Multifunctional Emergency Power Supply Products, Portable Mobile Rescue Equipment, etc.

03. High-Precision Monitoring and Warning Products

Natural Disaster, Accident Disaster, Public Hygiene, Social Security Incidents Monitoring, and Early Warning Products.

04. Risk Prevention and Control and Work Safety Equipment

Important Facilities Protection System, Safety Protection Equipment for Engineering and Construction, Prevention and Control of Dangerous Chemicals Production, Safety Production Facilities, and Equipment, Rescue Personnel Protection Products, Protective Material, etc.

05. Special Emergency Rescue Support Equipment

All Terrain Rescue Vehicle, Emergency Energy Supporting Equipment, Long Span Boat Bridge, Rush-through Equipment for Large Tunnels, Water Rescue Equipment, Aviation Rescue Equipment, Deicing Products, Railway Accident Equipment Disposal of Products, etc.

06. Fire Rescue Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment for High-rise Buildings, Fire Fighting Equipment for Rail Transport, Fire Fighting Equipment for Airport, Forest Fire Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Detection Equipment, High-Performance Fire Products, etc.

07. Emergency Medical Rescue Products

Emergency Medical Technology and Products, Emergency Medical System, Nuclear Biochemical Washing Products, Prevention and Control of Major Diseases and Epidemics, etc.

08. Intelligent Unmanned Emergency Rescue Equipment

Robot for Ruins Search and Rescue and Transportation, Robot for Fire Disaster Rescue, Nuclear Biochemical Accident Rescue Robot, EOD Robot, Detection Robot, Unmanned Rescue Vehicle, Unmanned Water Rescue Robot, and Ship, etc.

09. Special Response Equipment for Environmental Emergency Accident

Mobile Medical Waste Rapid Processing Device, Rapid Processing Device for Harmless Treatment of Poultry Pathogens, Rapid Processing Device for Toxic and Harmful Liquids, Mobile Renewable Energy and Water Treatment Equipment, Rapid Processing Device for Soil (Water, Air)Pollution, etc.

10. Specialized Technical Service of Emergency Management

Technical Services for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Fire Technical Services, Safety Production Technical Service, Emergency Surveying and Mapping Technical Service, Risk Assessment Service, Investigation of hidden dangers Service, Inspection Certification Service, etc.

11. Social Emergency Resource

Emergency Medical Rescue Service, Aviation Rescue Service, Emergency Logistics Service, Road Rescue Service, Safety Educational Training Service, Emergency Drill Service, Catastrophe insurance, etc.

12. Other Comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technology, Equipment and Service



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