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FinTech Taipei

From November 29, 2019 09:00 until November 30, 2019 18:00


FinTech Taipei


FinTech Taipei

The FinTech Taipei brings together the production, application, learning, and exchange of the FinTech Taipei at home and abroad. Through sharing, it aims to build the largest platform for innovation and exchange of fintech in Taiwan and present the latest technology projects. It's a great help to tech companies


"FinTech Taipei" brings together domestic and foreign financial technology industry, government, academic and research resources

"FinTech Taipei Taipei financial science and technology exhibition" pooling financial technology in domestic and foreign production, officer, learning and research resources, through experience, experience, and share, make Taiwan's biggest financial innovation platform of science and technology, common witness Taiwan FinTech development potential, make "Taipei financial science and technology exhibition" FinTech immortal masterpiece of transnational communication, cooperation, and innovation, play a long-term brand benefit.


Activities benefit

1. Industrial benefits: to expand the ecological energy of Taiwan FinTech, bring together the cross-domain values of financial industry and science and technology industry to create an exchange platform

2. International benefits: construct FinTech Taipei to become a brand of international FinTech innovation exhibition, gathering innovation energy at home and abroad to achieve the comprehensive effect of exchange, development and mutually beneficial cooperation

3. The benefit of talent cultivation: to meet the needs of exhibitors, integrate the innovation trend and application of in tech to create a one-stop multi-media platform and strengthen the learning and growth of fintech talents


Exhibit Areas
  1. FinTech Taipei Highlights Pavilion
  2. Financial Institution
  3. FinTech Startups
  4. Academic area
  5. International Service Provider



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