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Asia-Pacific Floor Fair 2022

From August 11, 2022 until August 13, 2022

The  Asia Pacific Floor Fair (CGFF)

The  Asia Pacific Floor Fair (CGFF), the professional Flooring Fair in China was held in Guangzhou, China has boldly expanded its exhibition scope to include Floor Supplies, Sports Venue, and Paints & Coatings, which helped bring more business to insiders across the board!

The show charted more than 23,000 visitors plus repeat visits (up by 25%) in three days, with 380 exhibitors(up by 10%), including nearly 65 first-timers, spanning a 30,000sq.m show floor.

Most exhibitors spoke highly of CGFF  and regarded it as a favorable platform which promoted not only the flooring industry in China but also the comprehensive technological exchange among worldwide professionals.

We are so pleased by having over 80% of our esteemed exhibitors revealing their intentions to return in next edition, including Topu, Supe, Mande, Kingdom, Polyforte, Zeal, Dongze, GNT, SPR, Well, Bucks, ACT, Jingbang, Carpoly, Kaimu, Dark Horse, and etc.

To satisfy old exhibitors’ request for booth expansion, as well as to receive increased new exhibitors, CGFF  is scheduled to expand to 4 exhibition halls, totaling 40,000 sq.m (activity area included)! We welcome exhibitors in all sectors, especially in decorative floor paint and sports floor, two of the most talked-about products in current China’s floor industry. CGFF  will continue to strive for a leading position in the Asia-Pacific floor industry!


Product Categories:
  • Floor Material: acrylic, waterborne polyurethane, epoxy resin, pigment and etc;
  • Floor System: epoxy self-leveling, polymer Mortar, nonmetal aggregate wear resistance floor, silicon carbide wear resistance floor, steel fiber reinforced concrete floor;
  • Floor Machinery:no gas spraying machine, shot blasting machine, grinding machine, milling machine, cutting machine, mixer, cleaning machine, pouring machine;
  • Cleaning Equipment: washing machine, cleaning equipment, construction tools, and other related equipment and construction and other accessories;
  • Other: the floor maintenance agent and curing materials, etc.
  •  sports flooring
  •  carpets

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