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China (Shenzhen) International IP Licensing Industry Expo 2022

From February 28, 2022 until March 02, 2022

 Shenzhen International IP licensing Industrial Expo 

Shenzhen International IP licensing Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as CIPE) was founded in 2013, has always been adhering to the "creative, create IP value" concept, is committed to the IP rights holders, derivatives, manufacturers, distributors, building a connectivity cooperation platform, has now become a professional and strong, large influence, has achieved obvious and realizing win-win cooperation in the domestic first-class IP exposition.

"Shenzhen International IP licensing Industrial Expo" will be held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. This exhibition will be comprehensively upgraded, consisting of four professional exhibitions, namely, Shenzhen authorized exhibition, Shenzhen creators exhibition, Shenzhen film, and television exhibition and Shenzhen Chao play an exhibition. The exhibition area is 30,000 square meters, which is 100% more than the previous exhibition, and there are 1200 standard booths. It is China's first industrial ecological exposition with "IP" as the core. At that time, 1200 international IP will participate in the exhibition, and 40,000 enterprise representatives, distributors, and buyers from the fields of domestic and foreign cultural tourism real estate, 3C digital, toys, apparel, food, stationery, books, home supplies, financial investment, and other fields will come to visit and negotiate.


  • One core:
    CHINA (SHENZHEN) INTERNATIONAL IP LICENSING INDUSTRIAL EXPO (abbreviated as CIPE) is the first innovation industry expo of China with IP as the core. Since its establishment in 2013, CIPE has been aiming to build a platform of inter-connectivity and cross-border integration for the IP licensers, derivatives product enterprises, purchasers and industry capitals.
  • Two major functions:
    1.IP Licensing (Commercial licensing, subject licensing, promotion licensing)
    2. Licensed derivatives Trading ( including Toys, Food, Clothing, Gift, 3C digital books, etc.)
  • Three advantages: 
    Policy Advantage: In recent years, the Chinese government has been issuing a lot of policies to encourage and support the development of national cultural and creative industries into a higher level with better quality. And this brings an inner power continuously to the development of CIPE.
  • Location Advantage: 
    Located in the first island chain of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,
    Shenzhen is an international and pioneer city of innovation and creativity with advantages as below: open-minded, developed economy, convenient transportation, and comfortable.


Product Categories:
IP class

Cartoon images, film and television brands, game brands, cultural tourism mascots, artworks, museums, fashion and lifestyle brands, sports brands, Sports brands, automobile brands, personas;

derivative products

toys, stationery, publications, gifts, home apparel, food, furniture, amusement equipment, digital electronics, Infant and child education supplies, luggage, VR/AR;

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