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Private Label Fair Asia 2021

From November 30, 2021 09:30 until December 02, 2021 18:00
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Shanghai Private Label Fair

Global Own Brand Products·Asia Exhibition,Every December in Shanghai New International Expo Centrehold。Started in 2010,This exhibition is the largest scale of similar exhibitions in Asia, The exhibition area is 30,000 square meters and there are more than 1,400 booths. It is estimated that there are 750 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, which are divided into food areas, non-food areas and fresh areas. All factories and production companies set up stalls, all exhibits can directly enter supermarkets, stores, department stores, chain stores, brand stores, convenience stores, community stores, discount stores and so on. During the exhibition period, all the audiences were strictly selected, and they were interested in purchasing and negotiating and developing their own branded industries.


Exhibition Advantage:
  1. expand: Accumulated for 8 years, the scale has expanded year by year, and the number of users has continued to grow rapidly.
  2. perfect: The number of professional buyers in 50+ countries is increasing year by year, providing free and direct access to docking opportunities.
  3. strict: Strictly select the audience, match the precise buyers for the exhibitors, filter the invalid audience, and improve the on-site turnover rate
  4. wide: High-profile retail private label selection activities, gathering retail markets in different regions of the country
  5. all: Online + offline, multi-channel + multi-field, media coverage of retail own brand industry
  6. Special: Cooperate with industry experts and experts, the industry's biggest names come to the scene to teach practical experience
  7. melt: Personally contact overseas purchasing groups to create opportunities for private label products to enter the European and American markets


Exhibition Scope:  

1. Food

  • Snack foods: Puffed food, candied fruit, nuts roasted seeds, minced meat, fish fillets
  • Biscuit pastry: Biscuits, pies, pastries, cookies
  • Candy chocolate: Chewing gum, chocolate, hard/judge, jelly
  • Prepared food: Milk powder cereal, meal paste, tea, soy milk powder, paste-like brewing, other brewed drinks, honey, solid coffee, sugar
  • Nutritional health products: Ginseng nourishing, concentrated health care, diet food, medicinal liquor, bee products
  • North and South dry goods: Dried vegetables, dried seafood, dried fruit
  • Alcohol and tobacco drinks: Electronic cigarette, white wine, wine, beer, functional wine, imported spirits, carbonated drinks, drinking water, tea, juice, warm dairy products, functional drinks, coffee drinks
  • Grain and oil non-staple food: Soy sauce, vinegar, condiments, kimchi, jam, sausage, canned, pickles, fast food, food, cooking oil
  • Seasonal food: Moon cake, hazelnut, gift basket
  • Bread pastry: Bread, cake, Chinese dim sum

2. Department store

  • Choosing a home: Smart home, stylish bedroom, green kitchen, smart health
  • Toy class: Simulation toys, electric toys, plush toys, baby carriage cribs, educational toys, cartoon characters, preschool toys
  • hardware tools: Electrical accessories, hardware and other, gardening supplies
  • household items: Cookware, kitchen and miscellaneous goods, tableware, water appliances, kitchen plastic products, cling film, microwave oven food boxes, shelf trash cans, storage boxes, pendants, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, carpets, seasonal goods
  • Furniture bag: Clock, small wooden furniture, lamps, mini closet, folding furniture, luggage, folding chair
  • home appliances: Food processor, battery, electric iron, rice cooker, razor, electric heater, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, induction cooker, electric kettle, electronic notepad
  • bed linings: Bed linen, towel
  • Clothing and shoes: Hosiery, underwear, pajamas, slippers, children's shoes, shirts, accessories, sports suits, men's and women's clothing, children's clothing
  • Personal care: Toiletries, shampoos, skincare products, personal cleansing, toothpaste toothbrushes, care products, family planning supplies, beauty tools
  • Household paper products: Paper products, sanitary napkins, diapers, disposable paper products
  • Stylistic office: Student supplies, office supplies, photo albums, greeting cards and cards, office equipment, communication equipment, balls, shooting

3. Fresh

  • Delicatessen: Baked, fried food, halogen products, fried, other types, now staple food, staple food semi-finished products
  • Aquatic products: Fresh fish, fresh shrimp, and crab, fresh other aquatic products, chilled fish, chilled shrimp and crab, chilled other aquatic products, frozen fish frozen shrimp and crab, frozen other aquatic products, processed fish, processed balls, processed Other seafood
  • Fruit and vegetable: Leafy vegetables, pods, melons, solanaceous fruits, rhizomes, bamboo shoots, fungi, aquatic, onion, garlic, processed vegetables
  • Other vegetables: Stone fruit, pome fruit, berry, citrus, melon, tropical fruit, other fruit, gift box
  • Meat products: Pork, beef and mutton, poultry, processed meat, processed sausage, other
  • Baking: Bread, cake, cookies, pastry, Chinese pastries, other
  • Flowers: Woody, herbaceous, fleshy, eternal flower


In Asia, you'll see it

1、Long history, good reputation, China's only self-owned brand industry event

2、CombineGovernment support integrated resources of global private brand whole industry chain

3、Admission is restricted to quality buyers only. more than 60% of them are looking for new products

4、Exclusive and accurate buyer list holds domestic and overseas buyer info

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