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China Art And Frame Expo

From March 20, 2020 09:00 until March 22, 2020 18:00
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China Art And Frame Expo


China Art And Frame Expo

China Art and Frame Expo are most of the people talking about it in the art and framing industry of the world, which will be held from September 18 to 20 In Yiwu International Exhibition Center. The show is professional for international and national art and framing and home decoration industry around global industry market for all of wholesalers and retailers collected a range of different wedding frames and moldings, picture frames, photo frames, moldings, decorative arts, picture publishers, art materials, framing hardware, relative machinery, and technologies, also the show includes for weeding fashional products.


Exhibitors come from many countries

China Art and Frame Show can assist you in getting lower 50% wholesale prices from China picture framing and wedding manufacturers, more than 1000 exhibitors for picture frame and art industry & wedding fashion exhibition. The exhibitors are picture frame moldings makers, art painters, art materials, framing machinery suppliers, wedding fashional material offers from China, Korea, Italy, USA, Germany, Russia, Turkey, etc. Here, all of the attendance can get a first look at the newest designs and materials for wedding fashional, framing moldings, western art publishers, digital printings, lawful art reproductions, Giclee, framing equipment, advanced mat cutters machinery from different manufacturers. 


At the exhibition site, many free training courses were offered by the organizer

At the exhibition site, many free training courses were offered by the organizer, including photography technology training, photo studio color mixing skills, paint color matching, application of imported new technology, attention to painting style, digital printing, and output maintenance, and application and maintenance of pasting machine


Product Details:

1. Framing Machinery
2. Art Printers
3. Art Materials
4. Oil Painting
5. Aluminum Frames
6. Photo frames
7. Picture Frames
8. Frame moldings


Product Category:
  • Finished frame exhibition area: all kinds of the material frame, picture frame, picture frame, horn frame, wedding dress frame, etc
  • Line exhibition area: wood lines, PS lines, PVC lines, aluminum lines, etc
  • Accessories and materials exhibition area: oil painting cloth, heat transfer film, card, silicone wheel, backboard, Angle covering, saw blade, gun nail, horn nail, nail gun, horn flower, card knife, hook, plastic particles, glue, glass, PS plate, pigment, etc
  • Equipment exhibition area: sprayer, refers to the machine, coating machine, comb machine, sanding machine, modified machine, machine, gold foil machine, printing machine, extruder, tractors, bronzing machine, Angle cutter, nailing Angle machine, paper machine, engraving machine, pictorial machine, drawing machine, UV machine, spraying machine, light solid machine, ironing machine, wrapping machine, hot casting machine, cold mounted machine, artificial intelligence devices and so on
  • Decorative painting exhibition area: oil painting, spray painting, printing painting, paper painting, leather painting, three-dimensional painting, craft painting, digital oil painting, relief painting, copyright painting core, import painting core, glass painting, sculpture painting and so on.

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