For Garden 2024

For Garden
From April 11, 2024 until April 14, 2024 - (Check Flight)
Prague - PVA EXPO PRAHA, Prague, Czech
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)


The FOR GARDEN trade fair started today with a live broadcast to the Breakfast with Nova program.

The fair's organizer competition to determine the most impressive & Scaron; & Iacute;.

It was visually pleasing.

Company PILECK & Yacute.

The supplier BEST, A.S.

The company ROVEX ENGINEERING s.r.o.

You can find photos of other awards at the link.


The new inputs for TVs were equipped with HANSCRAFT and ROVEX ENGINEERIG, as well as DITON.

Wait & iacute.

In the  ? PILECKÝ.

DITON was acquired.

Talk to Mr. Premysl P & iacute.


Vertik & aacute; ln & iacute;.

Predn & aacute; & scaron; ej & iacute; c & iacute ;: Premysl P & iacute; sar, Zahrady s.r.o.

They are no longer valid as of March 14, 2022.

V & aacute; women.

Pay attention to the information about temporary restrictions.

Reconstruction of the  ? ú, Beranov section ý.ch –.

Term & Iacute; n reconstruction March 1 –.

Important & aacute;

The FOR GARDEN trade show will offer you the chance to see a variety of exhibits from both established and new exhibitors. They are from nearly all branches of the garden as well as gardens.

Trade fairs and venues have had an extraordinary day.

Construction & iacute;.

For & nbsp? those who are interested in & nbsp ; FOR GARDEN, & nbsp. Let us & nbsp. let us know all about the important & eabute.

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Please register at the official website of For Garden

Venue Map and Hotels Around

Prague - PVA EXPO PRAHA, Prague, Czech Prague - PVA EXPO PRAHA, Prague, Czech


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