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Smart Manufacturing & Monitech

From August 26, 2020 09:00 until August 28, 2020 18:00

Smart Manufacturing and Monitech Taiwan is the premier event in Taiwan for display and semiconductor manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing and Monitech Taiwan is the premier event in Taiwan for display and semiconductor manufacturing. While the trend of Industry 4.0, Taiwan, with a high concentration of technology industry, must have regarded the integrated thinking of smart manufacturing. Compared with other industries, display and semiconductor manufacturing are more closely related to industry 4.0. Investing in equipment upgrading will be the best way to enhance your productivity. If you give considerations to data management/analysis and preventive maintenance simultaneously, the ROI will be highly increased by yield rate improving. Furthermore, using hardware-software integration and real-time analysis to collect customer’s needs is necessary to achieve real automatization. All in all, the effect of integrating smart manufacturing to your enterprise will definitely beyond your expectations. Smart Manufacturing and Monitech Taiwan will present a more comprehensive platform, lead the industry upgrading and realize the vision of smart manufacturing.


Exhibit Profile

  • Smart Manufacturing & Logistics

    Smart Manufacturing: Automation Control / Sensor / Controller / Monitoring Equipment and Components / Servo motor / Linear slide / Gripping System / Industrial computer / Industrial Robot Smart Logistics: AGV system (Automated guided vehicle system) / WMS (Warehouse management system) / Logistics and transportation management software / Transportation and storage equipment / DPS (Digital picking systems) / Automatic sorting machine / Car racks

  • Smart Sensing & Monitoring

    Automated Optical Inspection (AoI) / Optical Image Design / Automatic Inspection Modules, System, Equipment / Linear Scales / Encoder / Smart Monitoring

  • IoT & Smart Factory

    IoT: Cloud Computing / Big Data Analytics / System integration Software & management / Digital solution / Mechatronics / Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) / Platform as a Service (PaaS) / Software as a Service (SaaS) / ICT Technology / IoT Components / GPS Smart Factory: Warehouse building materials and equipment components / Production management system / Environmental monitoring / Zero liquid discharge / Energy solutions / Automatic sorting machine / Energy Management System

  • AR/VR Somatosensory Technology & Smart Manufacturing

    Optical projection system / Monitor / Mobile device / Sensor / Head-mounted Display / Head Up Display / Bionic Contact Lens / Software Algorithm & Development Kits

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Expert System (ES) / Natural Language Processing / Computer vision / Speech recognition / Neural network / Big Data / Deep Learning / Pattern Recognition / Open Source Software / Machine learning / Search system / Smart Home / Smart Traffic / Smart Health / Smart Home / Smart Disaster Prevention / Smart Energy Saving / Smart Safe / Smart Building Materials / Commerce Automation / Wearable Products / Unmanned System / Service Robot

  • Circular Economy

    Regeneration system / Renewable Energy Source / Waste recycling system / Air circulation system / Environmental Protection Equipment / Holistic Solution / Environmental Control System / Water Treatment & Regeneration / Photovoltaic Modules & Cells / Power Conversion System / Smart Energy Storage / Green Finance & Insurance

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