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China (Tianjin) International Tea Industry and Zisha Tea Ware Handicraft Fair

From November 15, 2019 09:00 until November 18, 2019 18:00
At Tianjin Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center Address: China, Tianjin Shi, Xiqing Qu Tianjin Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center: 300381
Categories: Agricultural, Tea & Coffee
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Tianjin tea expo, a large-scale, high-grade and professional tea fair in north China

Tianjin has a significant location, transportation, market advantages, and development potential. With the national key construction, Tianjin has become the "third growth pole of China's economy", with the economic growth rate leading the whole country for many years in a row. Industry elites from all over the world gather together to promote exchanges and create business opportunities. Tianjin tea expo has once again set off a wave of tea culture. Now it has developed into a high-quality platform for the common development of tea economy and tea culture exchanges in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and even the northern region. The 2019 Tianjin tea expo will continue the fine tradition of previous years, further consolidate and expand the northern market, create more business opportunities for enterprises, further facilitate the cultural communication, and promote the healthy development of the industry. With a more refined attitude, more professional spirit and better service, the organizing committee of the conference will make Tianjin tea expo one of the most important platforms for the government and brand enterprises in producing areas to develop and consolidate the northern market.

This Tianjin tea fair will certainly be the best platform for enterprises to expand sales channels, develop primary, secondary and tertiary markets, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with agents and dealers, and display brands, establish the image and full contact with consumers.

Product Categories:

1. Six major tea categories: green tea, black tea, black tea, green tea (oolong tea), white tea, yellow tea;

2. Reprocessed tea: up 'er tea, scented tea, antihypertensive tea, brightening tea, extracted tea, health care tea, instant tea, tea drinks;

3. Tea set products: pottery, porcelain, purple sand, jade, iron, and other pot sets, tea trays, tea makers, glassware and other tea drinking utensils;

4. Tea packaging: tea packaging design, production process, metal canning, packaging materials, and packaging machinery;

5. Tea making water: special water for tea ceremony, mineral water, pure water, bottled water, direct drinking water, and water purification equipment;

6. Mahogany furniture: classic mahogany furniture, root carving, wood art;

7. Tea technology: tea weighing equipment, inkjet marking, anti-counterfeiting technology, fertilization technology, pesticide spraying, etc.

8. Tea crafts: tea table, duan inkstone, teak furniture, tea gifts, tea decorations, handicrafts, etc.

9. Tea extension products: tea ceremony spices, antiques, paintings, sculptures, tea culture books, training institutions, etc.

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