Wenzhou International Automobile Exhibition 2023

Wenzhou International Automobile Exhibition
From April 06, 2023 until April 09, 2023
Wenzhou - Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center, China
(Please double-check the dates and location on the official site below before attending.)

2023温州车展 | 温州奥体会展中心

China has rapidly developed from the "kingdom of bicycles" to "the world's largest automobile market", and the national strategy of "automobile power" is also being implemented in an orderly manner. By September 2018, China had 235 million cars and 184 million small and small passenger cars (private cars) registered in the name of individuals, accounting for 78.49% of the total number of cars. As a pillar of the national economy, China's automobile industry has shown great vitality and is stepping into a new stage of high-quality development, becoming an important engine driving China's economic development and consumption upgrading.

On October 11, 2018, issued by the general office of the state council to the perfect mechanism of the consumption system implementation plan (2018-2020) ", a clear "promote the upgrading of the automobile consumption" as the key tasks, including we will continue to implement the new energy automobile vehicle purchase tax preferential policies, study and formulate policies and measures to promote the development of smart car innovation, actively developing cars events, tourism, culture, and other related industries, and dig measures such as car aftermarket potential.

In this context, Wenzhou international AUTO exhibition (hereinafter referred to as AUTO expo and exhibition), with the theme of "enjoy technology and life in Wenzhou," sounds the assembly call again. The new exhibition will make more innovative attempts based on the successful operation of previous exhibitions. For example, to match consumers' purchase cycle and purchase intention, to provide exhibitors with pre-exhibition publicity, in-exhibition release, post-exhibition matching and other services, so as to extend the service cycle of exhibitors;According to the consumption demand of car buyers, we will introduce more new energy models, tap the potential of automobile aftermarket, expand the automobile consumption industry chain, and build a one-stop automobile consumption service platform for car buyers. Based on data collection and customer analysis of potential car buyers, the company has made bold innovations in promotion means to maximize publicity and promotion. Through the visitor experience survey, to provide car buyers with more detailed experience intimate viewing services, improve the experience of viewing, increase the audience time, so as to promote the exhibition results and so on...

Born and grown up in Wenzhou, Auto Expo & exhibition is established in Wenzhou Auto city. We sincerely cooperate with local Auto dealers in Wenzhou and devote ourselves to serving Wenzhou consumers. With more than ten years of successful experience, mature exhibition project operation and excellent reputation of AUTO and Italian, we have enough confidence to build an AUTO exhibition platform suitable for the current needs of Wenzhou AUTO market.

Product Categories:
  •  all kinds of cars, electric cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, modified vehicles, etc.
  •  second-hand car brand (with manufacturer authorization);
  •  all kinds of car maintenance supplies, decoration, beauty supplies.
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Wenzhou - Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center, China Wenzhou - Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center, China


Kathy Nguyen
Look to casting aluminum vendor
We are manufacturing of alloy aluminum in Vietnam
I am Look to casting aluminum vendor in the expo
for detail pls contact with me
Ms Thuy

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Hugo Mateo ABBA
Interés comprar Autos eléctricos
Estoy interesado en asistir a la feria de autos eléctricos, deseo saber el precio de ingreso, espero su atención, saludos
Mohamed Mostafa
we are one of the biggest FUEL COMPANY in gulf area our head office in state of KUWAIT
i look to attend the fair and visit Wenzhou Auto market to know the latest products of this market my aim ( all kinds of car maintenance supplies, decoration, beauty supplies.)
and electric cars .
Mohamed Mostafa
Manager purchasing & contracts

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