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China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup

From September 28, 2020 09:00 until September 30, 2020 18:00
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China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup

China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup

Endorsed by Cafe Culture and Australasian Specialty Tea Association (AASTA), this event is held to highlight the characteristics of Tea Brewing, Simplicity, Tradition and Fashion, to explore the essence of better tea brewing. To present Specialty Tea and to lead the young back to traditional daily tea-drinking.

A Leading Event for the Chinese Food Market
  • For the past 19th edition, SIAL CHINA has become the 3rd biggest food show in the world and the biggest in the Asian market.
  • The exhibition sets the benchmark for overseas companies into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food and beverage industry.
  • The presence of all the major domestic players of the Food & Beverage market in China.
  • China has become the world's second largest catering market after recording a revenue figure of USD 616 billion in 2017.
Benefit from an Inspiring Business Hub
  • The International Network SIAL: Paris - Canada - China - Middle East - India - Indonesia
  • The unique trade show with a perfect mix of 50% international exhibitors and 50% national exhibitors
  • Recognized, qualitative and numerous events
  • Key producers and buyers join forces to reveal the major food trends and face Asian challenges
  • A unique Asian food inspiration platform to test, or launch products, increase your brand awareness, exchange the best practices…
  • 50 speakers with 27 conferences*
  • 8 tastings, 24 chefs and 11 judges with 7 culinary demos*
  • 650 submissions of innovative products and 164 selections*


Product Category:

1. Wine and bar culture: all kinds of wine, beer, craft beer, whiskey, brandy, cocktails, fruit wine, foreign spirits, traditional white wine, and other alcoholic drinks and wine matching, wine packaging, wine utensils, wine service, etc

2. High-end drinks and dairy store: fruit juice and vegetable juice drinks, including dairy products, functional drinks, carbonated drinks, tea, and tea drinks, herbal tea, vegetable protein drinks, mineral water, coffee and supporting equipment, milk tea, honey beverage, etc.Cheese, liquid milk, milk powder, condensed milk, baby food, and other dairy products.

3. Comprehensive import food store: sweets, biscuits and baked goods, nuts, preserved fruits and preserves, cooked food and convenience food, chocolate, puffed food and other leisure food and comprehensive food.

4. Snack food store: cereal products (puffed, Fried and baked), nut products, potato products, sugar products, pie products, meat and fish products (ready to eat when opened), dried fruit products, dried vegetable products, and Marine fish products (ready to eat when opened).

5. Functional nutrition food library: functional food and drink, health food, special medical food and health raw materials, natural green food and organic food, nutritional food and supplements

6. Green agriculture pavilion: fruits and vegetables, green agricultural products, organic agricultural products, ornamental agricultural products, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

7. Restaurant supply chain store: aquatic products, meat, frozen and chilled food, fresh fruits and vegetables, semi-processed food, ready-to-eat convenience food, prepared dishes, condiments, edible oil, fresh food, and other food supply chain distribution materials.

8. Catering utensils and packaging materials hall: catering packaging, design, etc.

9. Central kitchen and cold chain supply hall

10. Landmark specialty food hall

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