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Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair

From December 03, 2020 09:00 until December 05, 2020 18:00
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Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair



Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair  is the first and only STEM fair in China and worldwide

Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair is the first and only STEM fair in China and worldwide. It is fully dedicated to the STEM concept and products; presenting its most advanced and leading-edge products to the public.

 STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering、Artand Mathematics. Its key concepts are proven to be highly recommended worldwide, to improve scientific quality, the spirit of innovation and problem-solving skills comprehensively through subject knowledge integration.

 In recent years, aiming to increase innovative talents, China had implemented policies and guidelines, as well as the increased initiatives of parent's recognition on the importance of comprehensive education; STEAM concept has been recognized from all corners of China.

 Along with the thriving of STEAM education, its demand from the government, school, other educational institutions, communities, and families are increasing rapidly. This has created a favorable market atmosphere for STEAM enterprises, also business opportunities hard to come by.

 Shanghai International STEAM Educational Fair seizes the market opportunity, integrating the industry resources and boosting industry development. We await your participation!


Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair by the numbers:
  • 14627 visitors
  • 110 exhibitors
  • 23 000 square meters of expo space
Key products to be presented at the trade show:  

STEM Toys:

  • Science & Technology Toys - programming toy, interactive robot & EDU-ROBOTs
  • Board Games
  • Construction Toys - 3D puzzle, modeling clay & sand, toy bricks, magnetic blocks 
  • Science & Educational Toy - nature & science exploration toy, scientific experiment toy
  • Arts & Hand Craft Toy - painting, sculpture, knitting toy

STEM Education:

  • Teaching Aids - VR/AR/MR augmented reality & wearable equipment, nanoscale microscopes, 3D scanners & printers
  • Books - STEM reference books, AR books
  • Educational Services - curriculum design & authorization, lab design & construction, educational software design & development
Shanghai International STEM Educational Products Fair – an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:
  • Public and Private Schools 
  • Education Platform Operators and Training Institutions
  • Investors 
  • Chain, department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets
  • Authorized franchisee
  • Social institutions
  • Trade: Wholesales, retail, e-commerce etc. 
  • Governments: Science and Technology Department

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List of Exhibhitors
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We are opening a STEM based training institute .Could you please share the list of exhibhitors.

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STEAM exhibits and products
We are opening a science interactive museum based on steam .. would be interested in the list of exhibitors

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