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Shanghai International Transport Packaging Exhibition

From August 12, 2020 09:00 until August 14, 2020 18:00

Shanghai international transport and packaging exhibition is the only international professional exhibition in the Asia Pacific region focusing on the logistics

SITPE Shanghai international transport and packaging exhibition is the only international professional exhibition in the Asia Pacific region focusing on the logistics, transport and safety packaging segment industry. Committed to circular packaging, safe packaging, reduce packaging costs, advocate the sustainable development of green packaging, focus on the logistics and transportation of the whole packaging series of packaging boxes, pallets, buffer packaging, binding reinforcement and functional packaging, covering plastic, wood, paper, metal, new materials and so on. Since its establishment, it has been successfully held for several sessions, and the scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year, and the professional audience has increased exponentially. In the past 10 years, SITPE has become the most influential, authoritative and trusted international professional event in the logistics and transportation safety packaging industry.

Product Categories:
  • All kinds of a plastic tray, plastic coaming box, hollow board turnover box, plastic cardboard box, thick sheet blister, and its processing and welding equipment;
  • All kinds of wooden pallets, wooden boxes, steel belt boxes, wooden coaming boxes, buckle boxes, and wooden boxes processing equipment;
  • Environmental protection molding tray and its production line, molding packing box, space tray, pp polymer foam material;
  • Cushion airbag, air column bag machinery, bubble bag, bubble film and its equipment, air cushion machine, container filling bag, express delivery bag, back plastic bag, moisture-proof and heat insulation bag, container bag, woven bag, EPP, EPE, EVA, EPO, PP, PE, XPE, EPS, pulp molding, field foam packaging;
  • All kinds of metal pallets, metal packing boxes, logistics trolley, metal cage truck, storage cage, material box, and material rack and other recycling packaging equipment;
  • All kinds of honeycomb carton, corrugated carton, honeycomb paper tray, paper corner protection, honeycomb cushion material;
  • Cold chain logistics box, insulation box, liquid packaging transport;
  • Transport packaging materials: all kinds of packaging tape, packing buckle, packing machine, lifting belt, bind belt, winding film, winding machine, heat shrinkable film, thermal insulation materials, slide plate, non-slip paper, desiccant, packing tape, rustproof packaging, anti-static packaging, vacuum packaging, logistics monitoring tag and shock bump against the tilt, prevent the transregional tag, all kinds of seals, electronic seal, intelligent identification label printers, spurt the code machine;
  • Pallets, returnable boxes, packing units, large thermal shrinkage packaging.
Packing fair
I would like to visit a packing material support fair in which I would like to meet the manufacturer from China who produce bottles, caps, pumps and other PM from HDPE, PET etd.
Kindly suggest if this fair can cover these requirement.

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